About Me

Hi there. I am Debi.  I am embarking on a hard road, but it is a road I feel as if the Lord has prepared me for over the course of many years. Somehow, I was hoping that ample preparation would mean a feeling of confidence and an aura of calm would both overwhelm me?  But, no.  Part of me knows for sure that God is going to be involved in this, if I allow Him to be.  But another part of me also has to face the fact that it is just going to be the hardest thing ever, because that hard is the natural consequences I have to suffer through as a result of my sinful nature running wild.

So I am horribly obese.  And it has to end here.  And now.  For me to even say “horribly obese” makes tears come to my eyes.  Have I really been living in such a state of denial that I do not recognize that??  No, but it is time to put it out there and make the changes my heart and soul are screaming for.

So it begins.  2018, and the Reclaim the Temple Project.  My body is the temple, the home, of the Holy Spirit of God, and for right now, I have a totally destroyed temple.  I have ruined the place God gave me for His Spirit to reside, and I am ashamed.  And I have allowed that shame to overwhelm so many of my daily attitudes.

The line is drawn in the sand.

There is no going back.

Start weight: 300 pounds.  I never thought I would admit that to anyone.  I will indeed take some before pictures, but I will not post them until I regain some self-esteem!! Please leave me comments, because they will be lifelines on this journey.

I can also be contacted at debrasusan2015@gmail.com if you need a one on one venue.