I made a road trip. It has been a long time since I took a road trip. This was a three hour, overnight road trip to see my daughter’s new house. She bought a fixer-upper and is happily doing the fixing-up on her own, with a lot of help from YouTube and Google. It is an old farmhouse with good bones in a sleepy town not too far from where she works. I loved the opportunity to put an image to all the words she has spoken recently!! And after visiting, I came up with the perfect house-warming gift: a perfect pan!!

It has been the best purchase I have made for myself in the past years, and it is the only pan I have used since I received it. I am sure every house that contains someone who cooks needs one!! After seeing that my daughter has no great pans, I am ordering her one!!

It was nice to go to a different city and observe the post-Covid way. Where I live, there are still some mask wearers; still those who are overly concerned, or maybe once-again concerned, as the Delta variant is raising the cases once again. I am choosing to rely on Jesus and my vaccine to keep me where He has determined I need to be, and live life.

I am truly counting on the rapture occurring in my lifetime. I am ok if it doesn’t, but not a day goes by when something isn’t happening around the globe that increases the birth pangs and brings us toward midnight. In a prophecy phrase, this earth stands at one minute to midnight; and that is a recent change. This proverbial clock has been counting down toward the fulfillment of prophecy and the Lord’s return for decades. The secular world has picked up on the whole clock idea as well and has the doomsday clock set at 100 seconds until the end.

Today brings a slight relief from the very hot and humid; it is in the upper 70s and breezy. Mid-afternoon , and the air has yet to click on. I am sitting by an open window until that time. Sitting at a new desk, as well. A new, $5 desk, no less. It is smaller than what was here, and I needed that. I am continuing to purge and clean and prepare for solo living. There will be a nice slow slide from not alone to alone. I am entering the alone-from-Monday-to-Friday phase!! I am currently praying over a parking spot on campus for my daughter, as opposed to a combination of parking farther away, walking and public transportation. For the ease of her life and safety, I am trusting the Lord for a space on campus, until He shows that His preference is otherwise.

I was told my coworker gave notice; she will be done working the 27th of August. While I never really share hours with this person, we have made a good duo. Now I will be responsible for training a new hire, and there is often a gap-of-waiting as well. I have started praying for this new person. At a place where max staff is around 32, we are lacking 12 people!! Just like other places, we are experiencing the I-would-rather-not-work-right-now attitude that is pervasive everywhere. Unable to compete with the rising hourly wages, plus the loss of interest in financially supporting the Church, like so many churches, we ended the fiscal year significantly in the red. Churches are totally supported by their people, so when people begin exiting the Church, it often necessitates the need for a total reorganization of what gets supported and what doesn’t within it’s programming. But I will take a job where religious freedom reigns while pay scrapes the bottom of the barrel any day!!

I have had to reorganize my budget due to a significant loss in income. Child support leaves along with my lovely daughter. Free spending has been curtailed! I have been researching a few things; some were let go as not-worth-the-cost or not necessary right now; but two made the cut. A new pair of Birkenstock’s Arizonas sometime in the next few months (oh, and Birkenstocks came out with an athletic-like shoe!!! That was on my not-necessary-right-now-list) and a juicer. I have done more research on juicers than I knew I was capable of!! And I feel like a reorg toward health and well-being makes one essential. The one significant part of living alone is not being enticed by anyone else’s food! I am spending the month of August eating up existing stores, which might prove somewhat comical in the long run as I make weird combos in the name of economy!! We will see!

I have been intrigued by the idea of limiting choices? I am working through all the ways that could look and, not only is it easier on the budget, but it is beneficial to those of us who suffer with food and eating in the addictive range. I have experimented with some choices, keeping in the IF window of 18/6 (18 hours off, 6 hours eating). But when I throw juice into the mix, I am not sure I can also stick to a smaller window of eating. My plan will look something like juice first thing, a meal replacement smoothie that is full of greens and other yumminess, a salad and maybe a second meal replacement based on yogurt. Three meals of 500 calories, plus juice – that is my initial shot in the dark to start.

Let’s talk salads. I am a salad fan for sure, and I was consuming a prepackaged salad everyday. But I am switching to a non-prepackaged salad instead. Avocado is a must everyday. Lots of veggies and greens and even berries. Beans of some kind (lots of those to use up). I currently have eggs, which is a good salad protein, but it might not make the cut into the repetitive food category! Beans seem to pack more bang for the buck. Could be, once I use up the 79 cans of beans in the cupboard, I will switch to eggs for a bit?? You laugh, but there are a lot of cans in there. It helped to clean the pantry and add stair-step shelf organizers!!

Then there is the dressing. I haven’t really located a packaged dressing that meets all my check boxes, so I will find a recipe for a homemade one. There are so many, and I know they are better for me.

I had my first glaucoma-suspect appointment to do all the measuring of all the fields to be watched. The hereditary side of the disease is enlarged optic nerves and thin cornea. I have both of those. Then there is pressure behind the eyeball and loss of field of vision , neither of which I have. So I am now classified as one who is genetically predisposed to glaucoma. I am ok with that. I will be seen twice yearly to check on things. I feel blessed to have made that initial appointment with a very thorough ophthalmologist (True confessions, I worked on spelling that word for many minutes and made dozens of attempts before landing on the correct one)!

Well the AC has finally kicked on. Time to work on zucchini muffins and dinner. Church tomorrow. Last Sunday with my current kids, as the following weekend is Move-up Sunday. A bit sad as I have finally gotten to know them pretty well.

Until we meet again,


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