My entire life, I have loved storms. Sometimes they get a bit scary, and sitting in the bathroom because of a tornado warning isn’t the best, but other than those rare times, I love to listen to the rain and listen to the thunder and watch the lightning. The wind often picks up, and I love that sound as well. When I was young, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents in a small cottage on a small river in central PA, and there was a large screen porch that was perfect for storm watching! The wind on the river was inspiring.

I had the privilege of living through Hurricane Hugo in 1989. I was living on the island of Puerto Rico, and the hurricane devastated that small tropical wonderland for many months. My neighborhood had no power for 5 months. I went to bed at sundown and got up with the sun’s rising. I hung out at the beach most of the day because it didn’t need electricity and there was no “closed” signs on the entrance!!

Western PA typically has some nice storms in the summer months. Like today! I turned off the air conditioning, opened all the windows a crack to let in a heavy, cooler breeze, and am spending time listening and enjoying. Sitting at my desk, making sure there is no actual rain coming in! I have one friend hiding under the bed due to some rumbles, and another watching the rain with me.

Was delighted to find this created being on the wall going in to work recently. There is a chance he was newly out of his cocoon because when I first found him he was a bit wet. His wing span was 6” or more. I held him awhile while he flutter his wings. I put him on this wall while I went inside. When I went out an hour later, he was still there. But I, again, put him in my hand and, after a lot more wing fluttering, he took off! I searched Google and discovered that he was a Polyphemus Moth.

And that same week my daughter found a Royal Walnut Moth:

I feel moth-blessed for sure!!

My church is having a food drive, collecting food to help a smaller area church open a food pantry. The congregation was given a list of things to buy, and since we are a larger church, we hopefully will buy a lot!! In preparation for boxing up the food and delivering it, a have put together 180 flattened, donated boxes in the last 48 hours. My wrists are sore, and I never want to deal with packing tape again! But honestly, I was blessed by having the time to sit with a friend and do this work. We prayed over the food that will come in and go out; we laughed; we threw a few boxes; we stacked even more.

I started a cleanse today. My goal is 10 days. I really want to see enough of a difference that I am convinced to continue with something similar. Not necessarily a cleanse kind of thing, but just clean eating and LESS eating. That is where my issue lies. Like a lead weight.

LESS eating. I consistently eat way beyond full each and every day. Learning to recognize full is the most elusive feeling to me. I know part of that is because I eat way too fast. The other part is that I wait until I am too hungry to eat and then I rush. That is the first thing I need to dive 100% into and get corrected. Until I can eat correctly, nothing else will fall into place!!

The work week is starting. My usual part-time work has morphed to full time for another week. While I was super tired after last week, I can do this!! After this week, I am heading to see my daughter’s new house for the weekend and then still have a few more days off. Gonna love the paycheck for sure!!

Until we meet again,


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