I used to consider the weekend to be better than the other 5 days of the week. Maybe because there was less to do; maybe because it used to contain my favorite activity – going to church. That is no longer my favorite activity, so Sunday is no longer my favorite day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Jesus more than life, and I spend so much time with him each day. But corporate worship has lost its joy for me for so many reason. What I would love more than anything is to find a small house-kind-of-church, where all the extras were cut away, and folks gathered to learn from the word. I want a church that is preaching about how the Bible speaks to this age we are living in; preparing folks for the inevitable return of Jesus. Because if you want to ignore what’s going on in real life and the fact that things are getting pretty lined-up for just that event, I am not sure you are serving your congregation well??

I am not suggesting that you focus on the Lord’s return to the exclusion of all else; I am suggesting it needs to be part of the conversation. Most churches are choosing to ignore eschatology entirely. And my soul just cannot abide by that. I am so grateful for churches that have leadership that is paying attention to world events and using Scripture to line them up and see what God is saying to this generation. I am also grateful for the Internet, where I can watch services online and be filled.

I teach an elementary Sunday School class. It tends to be on the small side, which I enjoy better than large. And some weeks it has less than 5, which I LOVE. It is rewarding to sit and chat with 3rd and 4th graders about Jesus!! They have a lot to say and a lot to ask, and given some time to do that, it is so interesting to participate in their wonderings! I do enjoy this second hour each Sunday with the kids, but for some undetermined reason, leading up to that hour, I have such negative feelings!! Once there and involved, it is fine. Why do I do that??

My coworker is on two weeks of vacation, so for the next 2 weeks, I am the worker. I have Monday off for the Holiday, but after that, work is all there will be!! I need to teach myself to come home from work and continue to be productive a little longer. Part of me wants to take on additional hours permanently to help the finances at my house, so maybe this will give me a chance to evaluate that.

But God has tossed something into the ring again; I was diagnosed with “glaucoma possibility” at my eye doctor appointment, which means a series of tests to establish some markers and then frequent monitoring to see progression. Since this was my first time to see an eye doctor for a long time, he needs to determine a lot of unknowns. And I am choosing to go along for the ride and put any anxiety on hold. God has proven Himself so able and willing to handle whatever He allows to come my way.

But when it comes to making work schedule changes, I need to keep in mind the possibility that less hours might be in my future, even if temporary.

Cooler weather has returned. But sunshine and no rain. Breezy. AC off and windows open. Cats snoozing. Well actually, Cat One was intent on scaling the walls to catch a tiny spider earlier, but he wore himself out. I am watching episodes of This Is Us. Still loving it. Still sobbing through so many episodes. Not sure why, but there is some deep-seated thing they touch. I am just starting season 4. Season 5 is on Hulu still, and season 6, the last, airs in early 2022.

For the first time ever, I am truly understanding and remembering details as I read through the Old Testament every day. I am close to finishing 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, and since I am reading a chronological Bible this time, I have also read some of the prophets and all of the poetry books. I believe that interacting with God’s word, over and over, allows God to provide all the understanding necessary! My love of the Old Testament might stem from the fact that it is a lot less convicting on a personal level?? When I get to the gospels and letters of the New Testament, I see so many things that I fall totally short in…really, things I need to commit to working on.

Because of that, I plan to read the New Testament a bit differently this time around; a lot slower, with greater intentionality. I am trying to determine what exactly that should look like. I have gotten the Illuminated ESV editions of each Old Testament book, and I plan to do that for the New Testament as well. I decided to invest in that set of volumes in order to write insights in one location. I read through Scripture every year in a different version, and it is hard to keep track of where I noted things when my forgetful brain is in need of reminders. Hopefully, these editions will coral it all into one place.

Happy Independence Day. Saying that, I am aware that so many this year are not celebrating as they once did, as it is such a disjointed time in US history right now. I am really not celebrating, mainly because I wasn’t invited to anything? And I am totally happy with that!!

Until we meet again,


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