Easter is coming. The celebration this year seems very downplayed as COVID restrictions are still in place. Many are vaccinated but many are not. So we must still be careful. In all honesty, Resurrection Sunday is best celebrated in your heart anyway. It is of greater impact if it involves a one-on-one encounter with the risen Lord!! Jesus died for the masses who would one day turn to Him in faith, but He died for me personally as well, so that I might live with Him for eternity. While I will enjoy a corporate celebration with the few that make it out to church on Easter Sunday, I plan to spend many days in inner-contemplation of exactly what it means to be on the side of the resurrection that sees what Christ did in all its fullness!!

Working at a church, this is a busy season for sure. Where we used to see over 1500 congregants over the many Easter services we have, this year we are restricted to way fewer with the need to social distance. I plan to watch the reservation numbers and stay home if it gets too full, allowing those who want to come to do so. I am good either way. Being fully vaccinated means I am not concerned at all for myself, but want to be considerate of those who still await their shots. I must say, my taste was certainly whetted after attending the Good Friday service. So appropriately somber and, yet, anticipatory!!

I am still struggling with many things, one of them being a very unusual season of anxiety. I am not an anxious person at all. Like, if I had to say one thing that was furthest from my radar, it would be feelings of anxiety? But for some months now, I have been struggling with just that?? It has taken me awhile to get it all neatly packed in a box so that I can identify it. But once God started walking me through the process, it became clear, but also very much a thing that I feel confident enough to deal with if I work patiently and in conjunction with my Savior.

It seems like the events that are causing me trouble are those that are not familiar, even though I can see that they aren’t necessarily scary in anyway. Today, I had to make a phone call that I had put off for awhile, partly because I was trying to determine a course of action; but I made the call this morning and it turned into a total blessing. But I allowed myself to get deep into some anxiety as i spent some days convincing myself to make the call!! I cannot tell you how unlike me this is??

Due to what I am thinking is arthritis, exacerbated by excess weight, I am just not able to do some things, and that makes me anxious as well.

I also have a lot of changes on the horizon and I will need to adjust to some new normals; not bad normals, just new normals. I will have the house to myself throughout the week starting in late August when my youngest heads to graduate school. She plans to come home most weekends to continue in her current job. She will be living with her big sister, brother-in-law and nephew, who have a great attic space for her!! Such a God-provision!!

In the meantime, there is college graduation. Oh and an ever-fluctuating work schedule that I don’t love. Well, the ever-fluctuating part. I would love for it to just be the same each month. I am going to check into the whole social security issue, as I turn that magic age in the fall, and many wiser-than-me people say take it as early as you can since it seems like it won’t be around a ton longer?? I have not looked into it with any detail yet, so that is on my radar for the not-too-distant future. Then I can say goodbye to my ever-fluctuating schedule?? Maybe?? But maybe not…

In my neck of the woods, we often joke that we can experience all four seasons in a day, This past week we had one of those days!! Went to bed after a day that started in the 60’s, fell to the 30’s by bedtime and gave way to snow the entire next day. So bizarre, right. Western PA folks joke about it all the time, and when those days arrive, it’s like a gifted day in all its weirdness!!

So want to hit publish before I call it a day. Happy Easter to everyone, or rather Happy Resurrection Day as I call it!!

Until we meet again,


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