It is a sunny afternoon here in a land that the sun misses more that not. I an mot sure why this happens, but overcast is the normal way of things. So to see the sun shine brightly all day is a smile-inducing phenomenon!! The temp is hovering near warm, but not quite warm enough to open the house for any length of time. I like to crack windows as often as possible, even fro 15 minutes to get fresh air inside. It can be snowing outside and I have been known to crack a few windows for a short bit of fresh air to blow through.

We are officially in the season of Spring. I think folks are forgetting that the groundhog saw his shadow back in early February, so Spring isn’t official until way down the line. Isn’t it silly that we put trust in a four-legged creature??? And we drag him out oh his winter hibernation to boot!!! Poor thing.

I am on the tail end of the work week. My favorite side. I have an appointment for a renewal of my military ID card, and that takes me down toward the city; so it makes sense to find other fun things to do while down that way, right!!?? I have committed to not eating out for Lent, however, so that is limiting. And I have to stay out of Hobby Lobby, because last time I went there should tie me over for quite awhile. So know that I am diligently thinking about what my fun adventure might include.

I was blessed to be a listener to a friend who needed to talk recently. I always consider that a call to future prayer. This friend is having to make some hard and sad choices, and I am blessed to hear how God has been included in the decision. But even though God’s blessing is present, sometimes the road we have to walk is still hard.

I have begun to pray for some possible action from the Lord. It is one of those things that I would love to just stay hands-off concerning, because I am not really sure what the road forward should look like. I would just rather allow God to make the choices, and then I will know that they are right and good. It would mean some significant changes for me, but they would be good changes. So I wait, and if nothing happens that is OK.

I was starting to get a better feeling about COVID but now things are sliding south again. Flair ups in MN. Spring break causing havoc in FL. Countries in Europe are instituting lockdown measures again. As a fully vaccinated adult, I am just looking out for where I can be helpful. Folks are desperate for hugs these days, so I have become a hug-giver. At the very least, a listener!

I am of the opinion that the beginning-of-the-end needs to exist in a time of chaos, and on a church calendar, we are “1 minute from midnight” as many prophecy experts are saying.

So, let the chaos continue; it is fine by me.

I ordered some books to read regarding end times events. I love Olive Tree Ministries. They have a great little store, usually material written by the guests on their weekly Understanding the Times broadcast. They focus entirely on Bible prophecy fulfillment, so their shop is full of the same. It is a very small shop, but what they carry is what I want to be reading. I look forward to the new radio program each week!!

I want to read all of Elisabeth Elliot’s books. I was intrigued by Twelve Baskets of Crumbs, so I am starting there. It was out of print at one point but I found a copy; it arrived today. I said this once about C.S. Lewis’s books, and I never followed through. So I now want to follow through for both. Lewis’ books are such hard reads, so I got discouraged before I even really got started. I need to treat his more like studying that reading!! As much as I love to read, I need to make sure I always spend time in edifying books. I am struggling to read the current nonfiction book on my bedside table; it is not something I am enjoying. I am sticking with it because I think I need the information it contains.

My vision of heaven has me reading as close to 24/7 as possible.

In a rocking chair.

On a shaded back porch.

Until we meet again,


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