It has been only days since the time changes and we pushed our clocks forward an hour between Saturday and Sunday. I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I cannot fall asleep at night, mainly because I am not able to set the alarm for the regular time and get up at the new 5 AM. If I could, I would help my body reset. I read an article about a Connecticut family who revolted and refused to change time and actually made life work on the old time until it returned to that time in the fall (

Part of me totally admires their ability to do that, and the rest of me mentally works on figuring out the details!! I see absolutely no reason why we must subject ourselves to this torture!!! I have been purposely assessing details specific to the time change. The biggest one is that loss of sleep can keep weight loss from continuing. Bingo. For months I have had weight loss, a pound every few days. Since Monday, nothing. It has been an identical reading almost everyday, plus or minus .2 pounds. I have written this off to daylight savings time starting.

I get up in the morning, an hour later than I am accustomed to, and recall sleepless minutes throughout the night. I proceed to yawn until almost noon. One of the most blatant ways I see it is when I recite memorized scripture each morning; what used to be a close-to-flawless hour is now fraught with forgotten words and the inability to come up with what-comes-next. Sigh.

I take solace in the hope that it will go away soon??

I recently read a book called Maid, by Stephanie Land. I started it on the recommendation of a friend, and it fast became one of those books that will remain a fav for a long time. It is an autobiography of a young lady named Stephanie, who lives a less-than-ideal life with the sole purpose of doing right by her daughter. She does everything that is possible for her to do to be a mom who provides. Totally worth your time to read!! It is easy to see God’s hand in the life of this unbeliever, and I cannot help wondering what her future holds.

Starting in her same spot, a single mom with a small child, it gave me such opportunity to see the ways God walked me through those years as I determined to completely trust Him, even though I didn’t really understand all the implications of that. Yet.

Intermittent Fasting continues to go well; well, at least before the time change it did!! Still eating between 11 and 4. Mostly coffee, sipped slow, with one large meal in there. Today I started with a Perfect Bar and coffee, along with all my supplements and the new birth control medicine. I will take chicken veggie casserole to work with me at 12:30, and maybe eat it around 1:30 or so.

Today promises warmth, close to 70 degrees. The snow that hit the Midwest fizzled out before it got near me, so I avoided a return to solid winter weather! Cold, but not snowy. And while I love snow and winter, I am ready for a season’s change. Spring and Fall are ok, but I am not a summer fan for sure. It just gets too hot, and when fat, bathing suits are just not possible. Nor shorts. Nor sleeveless tops. So I cover-up and stay in the shade or inside the house. I do love to open windows and allow fresh air to circulate. But once the humidity rises to the 90% place and the temp rises into the 90’s, I am inside, period.

I wonder if I might change this hatred once I am not so overweight?

Heading into the sunshine. Have a great day.


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