17. Rawsome Summer 2019


It’s been an entire day of being in my pajamas.  I can honestly say I am ending the day feeling no better than when I started it.  But that will have to be OK. I took a sick day from work, and when that day is a Monday, I know that I put others in a hard place.

My desire was to lay in bed all day, but I knew that would not be helpful. Yes, my stomach hurts, Yes, my head hurts. Yes, my stomach is louder than ever! So I started the day with my ginger lemon water.  But then, I dusted off the juicer and made 40 oz of juice, which amazingly tasted fabulous despite the mix-match of ingredients: celery, apples, carrots, peppers, romaine.  I jokingly call it my everything-but-the-kitchen-sink juice.  I was using up what I had on hand so that I could get a large quantity of goodness!

Image result for avocado with everything but the bagel seasoning

I ate an avocado. Drank more juice.  Eventually, I made a salad, which tasted great, but I will have to see if my tummy agrees with it! It amped up the noise for sure!

I am already dreading work tomorrow.  I didn’t sleep last night very much, so I am also tired.  Whenever I have any indication of not feeling correct, for some reason it always causes me to dream a lot??  And that is why I didn’t sleep well. Not scary dreams or nightmares, just nonstop dreams.  I wish I knew more about dreams: what causes them, what hidden meaning they have.  I know God created our brain with the ability to dream. And I know from Scripture that God used dreams to reveal himself to people.  Does He still do that today?  I know that God doesn’t change, but does he have a need to reveal things these days in dreams? We have what many believe to be the full revelation from God inside the pages of our Bible. So is there ever a need for more?  I honestly don’t know. I must say that when some people start talking “revelation from God” and being given “prophecy” in a dream, it always seems to be in opposition to the recorded  word of God, and thus untrue?

I need to keep fueling my body with goodness so that healing begins. And continues. I need to heal years and years and years of mistreatment. I cannot expect that to happen overnight, right?

Today was a good eating day. And I will tell you that pajama days are personal favs for sure. So even though I don’t feel well, I got massive amounts of rest and relaxation today. And that makes me glad.  Sometimes God has to go to drastic measures to get His people to REST!!

Image result for the fully raw diet

Made a grocery list. Chose a smoothie recipe, a juice recipe, a raw chili recipe and a new salad dressing recipe out of The Fully Raw Diet Book by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. I have loved going through the raw recipe books I have and picking out a few to try.  I have said this before, I do well with repetition. So I buy ingredients to make a  few days of the same thing.  When I start to get bored, I search again.

Image result for watermelon

I think tomorrow is going to be a shopping day if I feel ok. It is also a watermelon day for sure. I feel like doing a mono meal day of watermelon is always the right thing to do. Sometimes I have to throw some bananas in there!

Well, enough ramblings for today. Praying for greater health tomorrow!!



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