15. Rawsome Summer 2019


I am well aware that coffee is not raw. I am also well aware that there are some amazing health benefits to the cup of java, and I continue to have one every day, even tho the rest of my diet is completely raw. I drink one Yeti full with organic almond milk.  I don’t drink it until mid to late afternoon, so I am not attached to its caffeine.  But it is a pure and simple pleasure that I look forward to daily.  I don’t ever drink it on the run, but when I am home and sitting and relaxing. It takes me a long time to drink the Yeti full, thus making the use of a Yeti VITAL.  Because nothing else keeps coffee as hot as the moment you first poured it except a Yeti.

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I totally agree that there is bad coffee out there.  And I agree that there is a bad amount of coffee.  I, however, am a coffee snob, drinking only fair trade, organic beans, ground at home after being roasted in small privately owned businesses.  It is as clean as it comes.  I enjoy finding these smaller coffee suppliers and trying their beans.

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Recently I discovered Trade, a business that seeks out the coffee that I prefer and sending me some monthly to try.  I have tried an Intelligentsia Coffee blend and loved it.  I am now drinking Irving Farm New York blend.

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My go-to coffee is Rise Up Coffee Roasters in Maryland, and specifically, their Spring Equinox.  I buy it in large 5# bags until it is no longer available and the Fall blend takes its place. My daughter used to live on the Eastern Shore of MD, and that is when I discovered this great place!

Raw eating goes well, and I pray daily for an increasing love of all things raw.  I have a handful of go to things I am eating, but I am needing an increased “raw foods I love” list.  One thing I am trying is an oat groat bowl that is made with raw, sprouted oat groats.  Will order them next payday. I am currently sprouting dried chickpeas to make a raw hummus. I am diversifying!!


I have numerous raw food “cook” books that I am going to start perusing, but I also want to delve into some juices as well. I have a dozen raw recipe books and I have gone through each one many times, because the raw eating lifestyle has been on my brain for more years than I can count.  I used to collect cookbooks; cookbooks of every kind, because it started back when I was a SAD eater (standard American diet).  Many years ago, I was able to get rid of all the cookbooks except the vegan and raw ones.  Now the vegan are pretty gone and I am left with raw recipe books. I bought these used or was gifted them.  Lots of people are curious by raw and buy a book or two, and then eventually give them away.  I find this to be try for juicers as well, because I often find them at the thrift store!

Image result for Green Star juicer

But I have a great Green Star juicer and an Excalibur dehydrator, both of which I need to use more often. So I am pulling the recipe books together once again, and I am going to create a file of raw recipes that I enjoy making and eating.  Like the zoodles from earlier this week!  They are amazing and the sauce is a fabulous salad dressing too!

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This is one of those times when community would be super helpful. The closest I can come is the online community, but I have found some great raw folks to follow. I read some good stuff about the Boutenko family, and they continue to be pretty popular in the raw community. I enjoy their biography-type books about their family and how to succeed at raw.  And Victoria, the mom, also has recipe books I have looked through.

There are some super odd raw folks out there too. While it can be a learning experience to read the comments people make toward some of these odder people, I try to say, “to each his own” and move on!

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