13. Rawsome Summer 2019


I didn’t post yesterday, and that was intentional. It was kind of a hum-drum day, and I am avoiding just non-informative posts. And today is another not-so-crazy day, but I had some things to post about.

First, I am sitting at my desk, which is my favorite place in my house.  I really need a new chair, but I haven’t even really searched for one yet. I cannot do a quick and easy online order, as I think I need to try it out. And it will need to be a pricey one with the ability to adjust, etc.  I was intentionally building up my savings account before I made a shopping trip, and I must admit that I have grown attached to that growing number.  I have never had that.

Since becoming a single mom and moving to a new state some 14 years ago, my savings starts the month at zero, goes up a little through the month as I try to tuck money in there, but until 7 months ago, it also ended the month at zero.

When I started #spendingwithrules back in January, I began to build my savings, and it’s no longer at zero.  It is not worthy enough to brag about for sure, but it is something.  So now I am considering a chair again.


Yep, he knows I am a little too attached to the growing number in that account, I believe. So I was made aware of someone who wants to go on a mission trip with church but is still lacking funding.  I checked, and it is not for lack of effort.  Just lack of knowing enough people with enough extra money to fund her trip in its entirety.  So everyone going was given until next Tuesday to get whatever money they can earn/acquire turned in. At that point I am paying the remainder for this one person. Plus some extra spending money as a treat. Anonymously. And without having to pry it out of a clenched fist.

I will probably go desk chair shopping anyway because a new one is fast becoming a necessity. When you are obese, you wear out things like bed mattresses and chairs, etc. at an alarming rate.

And God has given me a new way to view this thing that is happening:  I have been blessed by God with a carefulness that is enabling me to clearly bless a teenager with funds to go on a mission trip to Panama, as well as bless myself with a new chair.

Image result for selenium, terra soul brazil nuts

As I am finishing up supplements that I don’t want to depend on/spend money on, I am trying to find food sources that will take care of the needs I might have for extra nutrients. I know that 1 large Brazil nut has a whopping 254% of your daily selenium, a trace element that is an antioxidant as well. For me, the issue is my tendencies toward binge eating. I must keep myself to one Brazil nut a day.  Because despite their benefits, and the fact that one is such a small number, my food addict self could eat the entire bag in a sitting. And nuts have fat that I do not need.

Then there are dates!  Oh my goodness. The recommended daily serving is just three dates.  But again, I have to make sure to stick with three dates. I am able to get 5# boxes of dates with no plastic! Yay, me. But I am still searching for the same with Brazil nuts. I ordered the Terrasoul brand last time, but then I am left with a plastic bag afterwards. I contacted Nuts.com to find out about their packaging practices.

and look at the idea I found: a Brazil nut piece tucked inside dates. One nut can easily be cut to fill three dates!  I am so excited!!

Image result for dates and brazil nuts

Today and yesterday were watermelon mornings. Yesterday was a salad afternoon with a banana and raw cashew butter for dinner. This afternoon I made avocado pudding, and then continued on with watermelon into the evening.

I am starting a new project today, because I am tired of saying that I am going to write, and not. So I am joining with a community that writes 800 words a week (eighthundredwords.com). I actually don’t know how it works yet, but just the idea is making me write. So for now, I will write.  All the things in my head that I keep saying I will write one day.

And the idea is to write it down; not in any fabulous order, but just get it on paper. So I will start. It is amazing how motivated you can feel when you are fueling your body well. And not just giving it good fuel, but eliminating the bad fuel.  Because all the good fuel in the world won’t help if it is going in on top of crap.

The last thing I want to enlighten you about today is the subject no one talks much about and that is working the bad stuff out of your colon. Raw food is so good at giving your colon what it needs to put enough liquid into the waste to allow it to pass easily. One thing you can do to self-evaluate the health of your colon. If you are eating raw and your colon is totally cleaned out and healthy, there should be no odor to your bowel movements.  The odor is caused by food that has been there too long and has rotted. Rawness will eventually scrub your colon clean and you will have bowel movements often, easily, and with no odor. I am close to this, as the watermelon has allowed tons of liquid to clean the colon even faster than might be expected. While I have bowel movements many times a day, they are mostly non-offensive. Every once in a while something that has been stuck awhile passes. I feel cleaner by the day.

Sorry for the details, but I promised myself I would document the way it went in all its details, good and bad.


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