11. Rawsome Summer 2019


I had a moment of derailment last night, and today I am rejoicing that it was simply a moment!  I made Little Lovely a refried bean quesadilla.  AND I took 2 bites of it.  It did taste super good, but I knew it was NOT MY FOOD. AND, I had an oreo. Sigh.  But there were lots, and I just had one.

I was afraid that I might get a tummy ache, but I didn’t.

Image result for bananas and apples

Today I ate bananas and an apple for the morning, and then a huge salad for lunch; well, a late lunch.  I did not feel so great after the salad, but now I feel OK.  I still am thinking the excessive fiber in salads  is what gets to my tummy.  And I expect that to pass with time, as my gut gets accustomed to it.

Image result for peanut butter and celery

Not sure I will have anything significant for dinner. Maybe nice cream. Yesterday I was thinking of celery with raw cashew cream and I never had it. So that may be my dinner?

I am so aware that my ability to eat is less than it was. So grateful.

Image result for watermelon

Tomorrow is a watermelon day, because i now have 2. I honestly have not had a really great one yet.  So I am hopeful for #3!!

Related image

I am still lacking ripe avocados.  I went to one store today and there were unripe ones and mushy ones??  So tomorrow I will try again!


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