10. Rawsome Summer 2019


Yesterday I determined that it was indeed time to weigh in on the scale. I had a start weight that I attained on June 1, early in the morning on the first day of the challenge. That initial weight was 280.

My highest weight ever was 315, and honestly it has been all over between 300 and 280. Only recently has it hovered below 280 for any length of time. This is the life of a binge eater.  It can be going so well for a period of time, and then it is not.  My “period of time” is typically three days. I am not sure if that really changes for people, but I know for me, I usually derail myself after three good days.

So when I see that I have eaten 98% raw food since June 1, that causes me a lot of excitement.  Today I am contemplating HOW MUCH NOISE my stomach is making at any given time?? It has grown to the BIZARRE stage recently.  People in the next room can hear its rumblings.  And right after eating, it is louder than ever. No pain involved; just noise.  I am choosing to see it as happy sounds coming from that good gut bacteria that is being nourished??

OK, so I weighed in this morning and weighed 271.4 pounds.  That is an 8.6 pound loss in 9 days of eating raw.  I am so excited to see that eating raw is working in the weight loss department, with no calorie counting or restriction of any kind.  I eat an avocado a day, which many say is too much fat for weight loss.

One negative thing I have had lately, aside from the emotional roller coaster I jump on and off of, is a white coating on my tongue. This is caused by the detox process.  It is most annoying when I first wake up, but even sometimes later in the day I can feel the need for some extra minutes of brushing that tongue with my tooth brush!  I believe there is an entire overgrowth of candida that is dying off, as I have had issues with itchiness under my arms as well. I have stopped with my deodorant stone for now and am mixing up coconut oil and a drop of oregano or tea tree oil to rub into my underarm area each day.  Actually, sometimes twice a day. This gives me a break from the stone and also attacks any possible fungal issue going on.


Continuing with oil pulling daily. I love how my mouth feels after this.  I use a drop of clove, tea tree, or oregano oil with the coconut oil, now that I feel like there may be candida issues. This is one of those daily practices that could very well be just a waste of time?  But I love how it makes my mouth feel, so I continue!

Image result for lemon ginger water

I also daily drink a class of lemon ginger water that, again, might not do anything amazing, but I like doing it? Yes, I am odd…Sometimes it is hot, sometimes cold. Here’s the recipe:

  • juice of one larger lemon
  • 1″ piece of ginger…not skinny
  • 4c water
  • 2T raw honey

Juice the lemon into a quart Ball jar.  Grate your piece of ginger with a grater or a zester. Squeeze the pile of grated ginger through a fine mesh sieve until no liquid remains. Add this to the lemon. Mix the honey in warm water to dissolve.  Add into the jar. Fill to the top with whatever temp water you feel up to on any given morning 🙂 and share with someone. After I remove about half for my daughter (this seems to help her IBS issues), I add in Garden of Life magnesium                                        powder and a NOW brand powdered C-complex. 

I saw that garden of Life now has a magnesium called Relax and Restore that I might try next time I reorder. Magnesium is a must if you suffer with restless leg syndrome.  But I plan to not take it for awhile once it runs out, just to be sure it is still needed.

Food-wise, I had a smoothie for the first part of the day and a large salad in the early afternoon. Not sure what I will be hungry for later, or if I will be hungry at all.  I am ripe avocado-less, so I might have to make a run to the store later. That is almost a sin, really. I have three unripe ones; not sure how I allowed this deficit!!



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