9. Rawsome Summer 2019


Today is Sunday so it is a day that tends to be different from the rest for me.  I make every effort not to work, but sometimes it is hard. Today all my coworkers put in time, but I chose to go in very early in the morning instead to do what needs done before a day camp starts at church/work for the week.

Today was also the first time I was truly tempted to eat something I shouldn’t have.  But I didn’t, and that is such a praise statement.  I allowed myself to get too hungry.  Ate nothing, even though I took bananas. But once I got finished teaching Sunday School, I was thinking of all the places I could go and get food, and take the day off from raw.

I am so grateful that God kept me from eating what I shouldn’t.  I came home and made a big bowl (again) of the zoodles from yesterday.  Now I am getting a bit hungry again. I think I am going to make a simple smoothie with raw protein powder for a light dinner before it gets too late.

I think I am going to be brave and do a first weight in tomorrow. Well, really a second weigh in, because I know what I weighed on June 1st.  I honestly have no idea if there has been any weight loss.  Some people complain that the switch to raw comes with a weight gain in the beginning. I feel like I have been eating less. And I honestly have no idea what I might find.

Today when I was wanting “something” that I couldn’t quiet pinpoint, I sensed a big difference between that and the desires I used to have. This want was reasonable and able to be dealt with.  It was not overwhelming and uncontrollable. I believe that was a God thing, for sure.

A new work week starts in the morning, and I have the prospect of a new job on the horizon. I turned it over to God and will be content with whatever comes about. It is a job. maybe two, in the same place of  employment but doing entirely different jobs. But job(s) that are a lot less harsh on my aging body.  I think they are open for applications for a bit yet, so I will not hear anything for awhile.  One job is 20 hours/week and the other is 10, and they can be easily meshed. But I have  low confidence in getting either one, cuz that is how I am toward myself.  I do know that God is requiring me to have a better opinion of myself, since I am God’s child!  And while it seems a bit harsh to be confident in the negative, I am just trying to set myself up for low disappointment in the end.

So, I am hereby stating that I will be accepting of whatever the process brings forth, knowing that it is God’s will for my life.

There. That is my battle cry.  I will believe that and act accordingly.


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