8. Rawsome Summer 2019

I finally got around to making the zoodles today that have been on my to-do list for days.  And OH MY GOODNESS they are beyond yummy.  I have made them before , and every time I tell myself that I need to make them often, but then I don’t?  I cannot even say why that happens. So here is the how-to:

Image result for champagne mango

Into a high speed blender put one peeled, pitted avocado. Do not use a small one, but a larger one.  Put the same amount of mango meat.  I like to use the smaller champagne mango when I can find them. Since they are smaller, I used two of these and one very good size avocado. I also toss in 8 pretty good size basil leaves and two large garlic cloves.  Start the blender slow and do not any liquid, because as the mango grinds up, it will release juice and allow the container to turn into great sauce that is the consistency of pudding or a thick marinara.

Image result for mueller spiralizer

Spiralizing zucchini can be a pain unless you have a decent spiralizer.  I have owned four that were not great at all.  This one, however, is fabulous!! The brand name is Mueller, and it is $24 through Amazon.  Worth every single penny!! I was only able to find smaller organic zucchini, so I used three. I do not peel them as they are organic.

Once they are spiraled, simply scoop on the sauce and then lick the blender container clean, as you will not want to waste ANY!!

Add more or less garlic, more or less basil depending on your taste buds.  I can honestly taste all four flavors very well, and that is what I like.


Day 8 circled back around to a very emotional roller coaster of a day. It was a day where nothing went as it should have, and I just found myself getting madder and sadder with each passing hour.  I was so glad to be able to just come home and be emotional.

And eat zoodles.

And binge watch Blue Bloods on Netflix.

It’s THAT kind of day.


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