7. Rawsome Summer 2019


Related imageI missed a day in my otherwise perfect week of posting! I knew it was coming, as I have a church service Thursday night where I work, and there just wasn’t enough time to fit it all in between work and that service.  But Day Six was a great day of cantaloupe, salad and chocolate avocado pudding.

I have a cat that loves cantaloupe, so I shared!  The avocado pudding is still an absolute fav.

Image result for box of strawberries

Today, I have eaten a few bananas, a box of strawberries and a salad.  I STILL have not made the zoodles for dinner.  And it won’t happen tonight, because I want to make them when my daughter is home to share.  She is babysitting tonight! So I might just suffer through pudding again!!

In just under a week, I have noticed some things. Part of what I have noticed are definitely God gifts; another part is the way it is when you eat raw.

First the God gifts.  He has truly allowed me to find it easy to do things that used to be hard, like simply saying no to food that I shouldn’t be eating. I do not even think twice about consuming anything not raw.  And I know those cravings will come back around in time, but for now I am praising Jesus for removing them!!

Another blessing I just noticed this evening. Often we who binge eat and overeat also eat in secret.  We know that the way we eat and what we eat will bring judgment on us from others. Like, when you see someone very overweight eating ice cream or cake, you judge, right?  Even me, the pot calling the kettle black, for sure!! So knowing that, I would never eat a lot nor sweets in front of anyone.  So I did some eating in secret.  I would wait to be by myself and use that time to eat things I ought not to be eating.  That desire is also gone for now.  I said good-bye to that babysitting daughter, and indulging in something forbidden never crossed my mind. Instead I thought of how praise needs to go to the Father for bringing this about.

I also am just not hungry. I used to eat so much and still be able to eat more.  That is the truest detriment to an obese person: the inability to fill up!!  Now, I am eating three bananas and absolutely need to stop for fullness.  I LOVE THAT.  Those kinds of things give me confidence and boost my self-image a lot!

Image result for garden of life B12

As for the things that are inherently brought about by raw eating: no bowel issues at all, and when Rawsome Summer started, I stopped the fiber supplement I was taking.  I continue with the B12 out of necessity, the D and magnesium until they are gone. I believe our bodies need a break from even good things like vitamins and minerals. How will you know if you need them unless you take a break.

Image result for garden of life magnesium

I have taken magnesium for awhile, because without it I tend toward restless leg syndrome when I am trying to go to sleep. Unless I stop and try some time without, I will never know if I should continue spending that money.

I am a HUGE Garden of Life fan, so I pretty much stick with their products if they carry what I need. Their supplements are from whole foods and a good many of them are raw.  I plan to incorporate smoothies back in to a degree and the Garden of Life powders are raw and tasty! I have tried some pretty non-yummy powders!!

Image result for garden of life meal replacement

Every time I need to order a new container, I try to talk myself out of the chocolate flavor. But self usually wins, and I order chocolate again. Because it tastes so good.

I plan to move toward a routine of a fruit packed smoothie as the first meal of the day. I love the flavor and ease of this routine, plus they keep me full for awhile. I will have to get into the practice of making coconut or almond milk each evening so it is there for the quick blend the next morning. I love to put frozen and fresh fruit, greens, hemp, turmeric powder and sometimes the kitchen sink. No, just kidding. But I do have to keep myself from getting carried away with what I add. In the pursuit of a minimal lifestyle, I want to find what gives the best nutritional punch for the least amount of physical “stuff”. This means I look at trash created, money spent, space taken on a kitchen shelf. My future tiny home is going to require a much smaller footprint!

Thanks for reading today.  I will check in tomorrow since my weekend is looking quieter than some.  A small amount of work in the morning, then home. Church Sunday. That’s it! Yay, me!



The feature image at the top of the post is from http://www.flavourandsavour.com.  I have used a lot of their recipes in the past, including one for a chocolate smoothie.

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