2. Rawsome Summer 2019


I wasn’t necessarily going to post today, because i ate well, raw and boring. Until just now!!  Oh my, I just made the best thing ever. I made avocado chocolate pudding for dinner and it was so good.

  • 1 medium ripe avocado
  • 2 T raw honey
  • 3 T cacoa powder
  • 5T liquid (I used freshly made almond milk, made from raw almonds)

Whirl all that in a food processor for a minute or so, until it is smooth and uniform in color. I topped mine with an ancient grain sprouted combo from Trader Joe’s. While it added nothing to the taste, it gave it a crunch that was kind of fun.


While cacoa powder isn’t raw, everything else is.  It was super filling and will be the last of what I eat today.

So my day of eating was:

  • large bowl of grapes
  • large salad, minimal dressing
  • avocado pudding

So the second day of eating raw is under my belt. My heart is happy because I am sure that God has enabled me to do and be these last two days, and I am so grateful.




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