Hard Stuff


I do not like hard.

I do not like frustrating.

I really do not like being misinformed. On purpose.

I dislike a run-around.

I dislike companies that get too big to care about customer service as they should.

Can you tell I am in the middle of trying to work out an issue with a company? A company I have been a customer of for more than 25 years; 25+ years of issue-free existence.

Until NOW. And oh my goodness I am on the very last ditch effort for resolution before I decide to take my business elsewhere…


So I begin this post as I wait on hold with said company.  I have been working on this, my fourth time trying to get things resolved, for almost 2 hours this evening. I am fighting to hold back tears, reminding myself that God sent this my way to teach me how to handle hard better!!

Image result for The Blending Book

So as I wait, I am browsing through a library book I got today called The Blending Book by Ann Wigmore. I have read some other books she has written.  I looked her up to see some details about her life. Interesting!! She died in 1994 at the age of 85.  Many thought she was a quack, but it seems as if a lot of what she supported was not quackery at all; she was just way before her time.

The Blending Book contains lots of recipes for smoothies and raw soups, and I am looking forward to trying some.She seems to have created recipes that are intent on being nutritionally sounder that some. Most of her recipes contain rejuvelac, a fermented liquid she makes from wheat berries.  I have made that in the past, and while it was OK, the wheat berries are not something i am going to buy on an ongoing basis. It is one of those hard things that makes raw eating seem too difficult for me on a daily basis!  Maybe one day!

Tomorrow morning will be T minus 48 hours. I am actually glad that June 1 falls on a Saturday.  Even though this particular Saturday is a work day for me, it will be a calm work day, unlike the weekdays. And I will be home before lunch time.

Image result for avocado

I shopped today for some fruit and veggies. I didn’t get much, as payday is the 1st!  But I got grapes, mango, strawberries, and lots of salad fixings. Including dozen avocados. Avocados are probably my favorite food of all. I eat one each and every day.  I have collected a lot of recipes for raw salad dressings that are made with avocado.

Image result for everything but the bagel spice trader joe's

The only trouble with that is then I cannot eat pieces of avocado on my salad??  Because two avocados per meal is just too much??  Right? Have you ever tried sprinkling avocado halves with Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Spice?  Heaven on earth. It contains sesame seeds, sea salt flakes, dried minced garlic, dried minced onion, black sesame seeds, and poppy seeds.

I have learned that watermelon solves a plethora of problems.  I eat watermelon very often, even in the winter when it is not traditional watermelon season.  I love the lower prices in the summer months though.

Here is the big thing I have still to learn: H.U.N.G.E.R.  It continues to allude me. And while I love munching on watermelon all day, I often stop to realize that I am eating pieces because I love the taste, not because I am hungry. And that is the issue I need to get on top of.

Maybe that is the scary part of raw eating.  The rules seem to be that as long as you eat 100% raw, the calories/amount you eat never come into play.  Since I have never managed 100% raw for any real length of time, I have not experienced this yet.  So it scares me. Forty days.  That is what I am told I need to give it before I recognize health benefits.  I am giving it 100 days.  And hopefully I am giving it a lifetime, because I fully intend to create a life around rawness if I can show myself it is how I should be eating.

I intend to notice so many benefits that there will be no doubt about what my future needs to look like.

The line between Lyme’s related issues and obese related issues has become totally indiscernible. I blame a lot on Lyme’s that is probably simply because I am obese.  Like joint pain.  The Lyme’s doctor I saw, who encouraged me to work hard on losing weight, as it “could only help”, had a good phrase to help with the discernment:  if it comes and stays it is obesity related; if it comes and goes, Lyme’s. Just about every issue I have comes and goes.

But it honestly doesn’t matter what the cause is.  I will be watching to see what changes for the better. And I will be looking to gain control of hunger. And I will be looking to master what goes in my mouth, and to simply enjoy it as fuel.  Food addicts cannot be trusted to eat for pleasure. Period.

Summer posts on the blog will all be titled the same if they relate to  Rawsome Summer and what I am eating and experiencing.  There may be other posts thrown in that are unrelated; they will have a different look. For my own journaling, I hope to take food pics most days, but it will be a habit that I have to develop. I currently am making signs to remind this forgetful self.

It is hard to get old, folks!  That’s another thing.  Getting old may be contributing to some of the things I am hoping to find resolution for.  There is just no way to know, but folks who eat raw claim it helps with the things I am seeking help for.  Time will tell.

Until next time,







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