Six Days and a Wake-Up

I can get pretty nerdy about some things. Like minimal living and energy conservation and organic produce and….well, the list could get pretty long.  This morning is sunny, clear and intent on getting way too hot and humid for me, and way too hot and humid for the end of Man in Western PA.  After having the windows open all night and cooling the house to a sweet 70 degrees, I am now playing games with the forecast, which is calling for 86 degrees by early afternoon and thunderstorms for days after that.  I closed all the window and the blinds and curtains in order to keep it cool enough inside to NOT have to turn the AC on.

The odd thing is that I do not think I could prevent myself from doing this kind of thing??  Conserving energy, lowering my bills and “saving the planet” seem to be part of my DNA.

Another anal practice I have revolves around coffee.  There isn’t much I like better than coffee. But not just any and all coffee.  I am the biggest coffee snob in the world. Coffee drinking is an event.  Not to be consumed on the run. No, never; but to be enjoyed in the company of others or sitting at my desk writing or laying in bed reading.  People carry around coffee cups and sip on those cups throughout the day. Me? I make coffee and sit.

When you coffee with friends, any coffee will do, but I love to share my coffee-snob coffee with people. And here is why. First, coffee can be a very sprayed crop.  The best way to get beyond that is to buy fair trade coffee, where someone that cares has invested in a coffee grower somewhere in the world and shown them how to grow clean coffee that keeps all its goodness, rather than spraying the crops with chemicals that no one should consume, and this killing lots of good things in the beans. Sharing this with others might start them thinking about better coffee for their bodies!

I have enjoyed scoping out good places to buy coffee beans. I have a place I order from on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, a place in Alaska, a place in North Carolina.  There is a local coffee house that does coffee well, too, and as a result many other brewers of coffee buy their beans. Recently, I joined a company called Trade ( and have been delighted to learn about the roaster whose coffee I am sent each month. I chose the option to try a new place on a monthly basis, because who doesn’t want a larger list of good places for coffee?

The part of joining Trade that I have liked the best is they publish articles on who is behind the bag of coffee you are receiving.  Who is the roaster? where were the beans grown? What kind of a relationship with the grower does the roaster/owner of the company have?

Image result for a yeti full of Coffee

Because I believe whole-heartedly that minimal daily coffee not only doesn’t do any harm to a body, but might in fact have some health benefits, I will continue to drink one Yeti full of coffee a day. The 20oz Yeti is my fav, as it is not too heavy to hold and keeps my coffee hot for such a long time. I am a slow coffee drinker.

I noticed today that I am down below a week before Rawsome Summer 2019 officially begins.  I will say it feels a bit more comfortable to make raw food choices lately. I like the ease of grabbing a bunch of bananas for the morning at work and a bag of clementines for after that.

Image result for pre-chopping salad ingredients

I have ready-made salads on hand as well, but I know that I want to stop that habit with the beginning of June. So this week, my main goal is to work on easy salad prep.  I found articles online about pre-chopping, etc. So I am going to begin trying some of the tips I have seen. I have learned that the order a salad is assembled in a Ball jar determines how long it lasts. But I think it will work better for me to have containers of chopped toppings to throw on my handfuls of greens, making the creation quicker and thought-less. I know it has to be plastic-less


Raw dressing doesn’t last overly long, so I may have to whirl that on an every-other-day basis; maybe every third day?  And actually, that allows for greater variety. too. I feel like the habit of shopping often has gotten solidified in the last month, going to the store every few days at the most.

Image result for rest

The one aspect of a summer, raw lifestyle that I am struggling to get into place is greater rest.  With the amount of healing my body needs, I feel like rest is a major part of the prescription that I cannot ignore.  Plus, a more restful lifestyle also gives me a greater percentage on the chart of “eating correctly” in any given day.

For the next three weeks, I am in charge of a department at work, and while I know that will mean LESS rest, I am hoping to make the most of the off time. Maybe I should say I will make every effort to eke out off time?? Today was a 100% off day. Building closed; locked up tight.  At 7:10 am I received a call that someone needed to get in.  That is what being in charge of the department is going to look like!  I am determined to convince those who are pampered and a bit abusive of the system that there are rules to follow???  Or die trying, maybe?! Hahaha, it will mean that once the boss returns, it resorts to the pampered way…until next year at vacation time. Is it worth it?

Rest focus.

Food focus.

Attitude focus.

I find it super hard to have this much of a me/inward focus, but I am going to take a good stab at it.  Today, I made myself do an honest assessment of my overall well-being, and if it had been an educational test, I would have failed. There is a line between excessive self-focus and not enough.  That is the line I am aiming to land upon and find contentment on.



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