The End is Near


A good end, that is.  The end of all-things-busy is about to give way to a summer of greater ease and some built in relaxation.


I have been saying this for a few weeks now, anticipating that the following week is slowing down.  And, to some degree, that has come about with each passing week.  But the final ministry activity has closed down for the summer months, leaving peace and quiet in its place. The week I am living in is anything but quiet, but once the wake from the last closing ministry has died, I truly believe summer will have arrived–until there is an unexpected event, like a funeral, that appears for a day and vanishes.  Such is the life of one who works in a large, busy church!  And it is all good; the busy times, the quieter times; the unexpected and the planned. A little microcosm of life in general.

I am still sitting in that spot of figuring-things-out; the spot of, “Oh my goodness June is rapidly coming and I still don’t know just how to do this 100% raw thing.” I do feel like I am learning daily how to do it better, but each day sees its share of failure and success.

Never leave home without food.  And with a raw diet, that part is easy.  Bananas and raw nuts might be my go-to of raw snacks.

Mono meals are the way to go.  Variety is over-rated in the small picture.  In the large picture it is important to have food diversity in order to get all the vitamins and minerals a body needs, but within any given meal time, less is better!

I have seen clearly that my hand reaches for anything made with flour when I start to convince myself that I am “too hungry.” A surprise has been that I choose flour over sugar.  This week, I have taken away my option of choosing something containing ground grains of any kind.  After all, once I get to June 1, the options goes away anyway, so I may as well start using brutal force and requiring myself to begin the shedding process. I always want to think that a slow peeling away is preferable to cold turkey?


Salads are just plain yummy, and I try to fit a huge one in daily, but fruit sticks with me longer.  Fruit has more calories than veggies.  But an avocado it the bomb!! every single day contains an avocado, usually spooned right out of the skin, sprinkle with lots of Everything-but-the-Bagel-Sesame-Seasoning-Blend from Trader Joe’s.

But bananas are the second essential each day. And many.  If I am sticking with the simplest options possible, I will just eat between 13 and 18 bananas for a day. And honestly, that is also one of the least expensive options.  But usually, I eat one meal of 4-6 larger bananas.

I am still trying to be a little conscious of an intermittent fasting window, keeping my eating in a 6-8 hour window.  I do not look to eat on the early side of my day, so the window tends to be roughly 10:30 am to maybe 5:30 pm. Or less. Some days I dont start until noon, but still end around 5:30 pm.

Watermelon is just starting to come into season with a sweeter flavor and lower price.  I have one in the refrigerator, but I noticed that a sale in happening on them as well.  It is not unusual to see 4 or 5 laying on the floor of my kitchen when there has been a sale.

Image result for Learn the Bible in 24 hours

As work eases off and summer takes over, I am blessed with greater time in God’s word each day.  I am midway through Genesis in my Daily Walk Bible, having started with the New Testament for a change of pace. I am LOVING Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, by Dr. Chuck Missler.  It makes me think and research and document every day!  And as I said before, I do not always agree with what he says, but it never doesn’t make me use my brain. My only regret is that he doesn’t document sources for some of that he says, making me wonder if it is purely his opinion rather than a truth. But I truly like the challenge of working through those kinds of things.

With just a touch more than two weeks to go, I feel like I mentally have to make quite a few changes yet.  But I am learning that doing HARD is a challenge that I kind of like, because easy gets boring after awhile, right?!

Until the next time,


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