A Week-plus in the Bag


It is hard to believe it has been over a week.   A somewhat rocky period, but I am learning that perfection is not the goal. If I looked at the time in its entirety, I would say that my food was 85% raw, usually very simple. Lots of just plain old fruit in all its wholeness; lots of salads. The cooked part has been things like black beans on the salad, etc.  While I had meat once, because my sweet daughter surprised me with dinner one night, I stayed 100% free of sugar.

Sugar is my arch nemesis.  Really it is everyone’s arch nemesis, because it it is just downright evil. With a week free of sugar, I can already know that I am feeling very much less chaotic in my eating habits. My weigh in at the week spot (Wednesday) showed a loss of 1.4 lbs.  I was not thinking there will be any weight loss. The volume I ate was pretty high, as it needs to be for raw food.  I know that this is just the month leading up to Rawsome Summer 2019, and I also know that I will regain health maybe even quicker than I will see fast weight loss? The one thing I try to stay focused on is the order in which I eat.  What I mean is that raw food passes through your colon at a fast rate, but as soon as cooked-especially non veggie cooked-enters into the mix, digestion can get super bogged down. Meat takes the longest to process through,  often taking more than a day. That said, if you put produce in your stomach after you have eaten cooked, it all gets terribly slowed down and less health-inducing.

That is why, really, all raw is ideal.  Then you never have to consider what might be lurking in your colon causing issues! I have been praying for my attitude and obedience to what I believe God has called me to do.


I flipped my calendar over to May…a little late…and was struck by this quote: “Make what happens matter.” When I first read it, my mind read, “Make what happens matter.” When I realized my mistake, I had to admit that the misread was a better quote.All our efforts to make things happen could be exhausting, right!!  But if, instead, we make the things that God causes to happen matter, well I think we have done the better thing!!


So I got the best thing in the mail today!!! This thin, brown-paper- covered book is so a me thing. First it is HUGE, a whopping 17″ by 12″ when closed. It lays on my desk like a blotter very sweetly. The squares to write in are also huge, maybe 2″ square. I am using it as a food journal.


I would love to also do some decorating with stickers, etc.  I was trying not to take it to a higher level yet.  First I wanted to develop the habit of entering food in it every time I ate anything. I added the  “be intentional” encouragement on the cover, too. But I succumbed and have started adding stickers and other decorations every time I open it! Hahaha, that’s just me, I guess.

Recently, I ended my read-through of the New Testament.  I decided to read the Bible in reverse this year, New Testament followed by the Old, and in a version I have not read before, the New Living Translation. I always get excited when I read Revelation. Learn the Bible in 24 Hours by Dr.Chuck Missler has been a side companion through my daily reads so far this year.  Dr Missler made the statement that he encourages new believers to begin with the book of Revelation, because by the time they wrestle through it, they will know what is to be known about God. My feeble mind cannot imagine!  Maybe I need to take the challenge of truly wrestling with the book!  I fear I would get too excited about the Lord’s return!Image result for Learn scripture in 24 hours

Now I am in the Old Testament. I often dread another reading of Genesis, but I am getting insight from this new version. I created a timeline and will fill in what I can, especially through all the genealogies! You can see so much when you put it all down in a graph on paper. Things like when the flood actually occurred.  When Abram was called.  The Earth was over 2000 years old when Abram started the Israelite nation by answering God’s call to GO, even though he didn’t know anything about where!!

Spring weather has sprung in a delightful way this week.  The rain has, at least temporarily, stopped. The days have reached the upper 60s and the nights fall to the mid 50s. We have seen sunshine for many days on end.  It’s a less complicated week at work than usual, although I really don’t know why.

School is done for Little Lovely  for the summer, and she is really ready for a break! Hard to believe she joins the rank of college juniors now. When your baby turns 20 this year, you must be old, right?  Actually, it is the oldest turning 37 that has a greater mental impact.

People like to say, “You are only as old as you feel.” Why, yes. Yes you are. And most days I feel 100.  Excess weight and Lyme’s Disease have taken such a toll.  I honestly cannot understand why I am even still intent on fixing the weight issue.  At almost 60, deep inside I just want to remain fat, eat junk and head to heaven earlier than I might have otherwise.  Such a wonky attitude, though.  I want to be able to tell the Lord that I worked to the best of my ability to fix what I had destroyed.  I do not want to be asked WHY I never cared enough about this body He gifted me with to take care of it properly.

Why did I allow so many perishable things to become idols in my life?

Why didn’t I fight harder to keep God first?

My intense love of Christ and His sacrifice for my soul’s salvation is why I have to work as hard as I can to fix what I broke. Not for any kind of self-pride or human adoration, but because God says to!! (1Corinthians 6:19-20)

Enjoy your weekend!  Hope you see sunshine.




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