Day One, Day Two. Repeat.


Day One. Great day. Fruit all morning and into the afternoon. Huge salad for an early dinner.

Day Two. Banana-date smoothie. Drank through the morning into the afternoon.

That was the last good thing on day two. Thus, I am back on day one today.

In hindsight evaluation, did I learn anything?  YES!!

-Smoothies do not stick with me like the whole pieces of fruit.  I believe it is the lack of fiber.

-Be better prepared when I leave the house, sort of a “be prepared for anything” scenario. The issue arose because I had an unexpected, but necessary, chore that kept me away from home until 4pm, rather than 2pm. I need to always take food.

I started eating bad and snowballed into really bad. Thus, again, today is a day one repeat. And I think I will keep on a Day One repeat when I cannot obey.  I am weary already when I think that I might not be beyond Day One by the end of the summer.

But God.

And I know that He is much more interested in my success than even I am. He is out to bring about my good and His glory.  I truly believe he will hold me on this path and give me support to do what He has called me to do.

And today, I have a bad headache, which I can tell myself is because I am doing something right? My body is detoxing from something. I have been rubbing spearmint essential oil on my temples and the back of my neck for a little relief.

So I am putting yesterday behind me and pushing forward.

Image result for bananas, date

Image result for mango avocado

Today, I spent the morning eating bananas and dates. I had a mango avocado salad mid afternoon. Then for an early dinner I made a large lettuce, cabbage and tomato salad.  I toasted an organic bagel for my cooked food and had it with almond butter. I was finished with food by a little after 6.

Now that spring has sprung, I am searching for a hummingbird feeder.  My very old one bit the dust at the end of last season. It fought a squirrel and the squirrel won. I want glass for the container, an ant deterrent built in and some ingenious way to hang it so the pesky squirrels leave it alone. I am hoping to redo my deck just a bit for this summer season.  I have a small table and two chairs, as well as two Adirondack-like chairs for relaxing.  I am hoping to give the whole area a cover with a canopy tent that is on sale locally, and that I have asked for for Mother’s Day from my kids as a combo gift from everyone. It will serve two purposes: shade to relax in on where the afternoon sun beats down, and keeping the same hot sun from heating up the inside of the house as it comes through the sliding glass door.

Everything out there needs a fresh coat of paint and a good scrub. I have no neighbors on that side for as far as the eye can see, which makes for nice sitting. The joke is that I have the quietest neighbors of all, because my entire back stretch is a cemetery! But it makes for some peaceful sitting in the quieter days of summer.

Tomorrow is the weekend!!  And even though I work some in the morning and again in the afternoon, I look forward to the change of pace. It has been rainy here, but warm enough to open some windows and hear the birds.  I have a list that is entitled These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. It contains “birds singing heard through open windows” as well as “full moon in a clear sky” and “hummingbirds feeding.”  While summer is not my favorite season, there are some things I enjoy and miss when fall and winter sets in.

Enjoy things while you can!

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