Only By Prayer and God’s Grace

So Rawsome Summer 2019, phase one begins in the morning. Raw til 4.  I can eat any and all rawness and then have a cooked vegan dinner if I desire.

I have strode away from vegan in bits and pieces.  Sometimes having some meat, sometimes some cheese. The occasional egg.  That ends, because I know that a plant based diet is how I am supposed to eat. I actually firmly believe that humans were created to eat plants.  Meat was added later out of necessity…plants were lacking after the flood.  But plants were the optimal way to eat.

I am not saying that it is a sin to eat other than vegan, but it allows our bodies to function at their best. And I can truly say that God has been asking me to eat raw vegan for a long time now, and I will obey for a time, and reap some amazing benefits, and then fall back onto those foods that call my name LOUDLY.

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My inability to DO HARD is directly related to my unwillingness to keep the Lord on the throne of my heart and mind and soul. He has been teaching me soooooo much about this.

Today I bought some produce.  The minimum because payday is tomorrow. A watermelon, a few bunches of bananas, a cantaloupe, 2 mangoes, a pineapple.  I have some salad fixings, frozen fruit, dates, raw protein powder.  I would like to do some banana days for cleansing. Mono meals are so comfortable and easy. An avocado a day.  I have lots of ripe ones in various stages of ready, and I saw that the local grocery has then for $1.

I have raw almonds, lots of raw seeds. And even more important, I have cleared out some tempting things that need to be gone. It is hard when I have to make provision for Little Lovely.  It is important to feed her properly, and I have seen that she gravitates toward raw when it is available in abundance. And I have also seen that she does not have the best relationship with food. The total opposite of mine, though, which is hard to wrap my head around and give her wise advice.

Cait Flanders

Back to Cait Flanders list of 30 Honest Thoughts:

4. You can change a lot in a year.

5. Your values can change a lot in a year too.

I view these in a forward vision.  I want to get to a year down the road and look back to see much change. But it is really hard for me to look a year into the past and realize a level of change. I can notice it in others, for sure; especially if I haven’t seen them in that year!

What was I doing a year ago?  How have I changed in a year?  When I think deep, I believe I have changed for the better.  I have lost some rough edges and learned some hard lessons. I have learned to act kind even when I feel like acting mean.  I have learned that I am a good person that doesn’t have to fear people who want me to think they are better and more powerful than they are.

More than all the rest I have learned that I am enough. I am in Christ and will remain there always.  My life is in God’s hands and how my life plays out is a bit dependent on my obedience. Just a bit, because God is powerful enough to bring about His will despite my disobedience, but my best and the maximum amount of glory goes to God with my obedience.

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This is where doing hard has to come into play.

My values may have changed in the last year but not toward the negative. I have put greater weight on studying God’s word and prayer with the passing of time, so I have to believe my values have gotten honed toward the positive.

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Tomorrow begins what I hope it day one of my forever. I know that prayer will be my best friend, as it always should be.  But adversity takes things to a higher level.  I plan to post something short each day, because this has to serve as my journal and accountability source.



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