I Could Call it a Depth Year


So in my random  perusing on the Internet today, I came up with an idea that started circulating in early 2018, this idea of a Depth Year. Lots of articles and blogposts, and even a Facebook group, all spun off this idea: spend a year in the old not in the new.

Instead of starting a new craft project, finish an old one. In fact finish up the supplies you currently have on hand before buying new ones.

Instead of learning a new hobby, get better at the ones you already dabble in. Get better at baking before you decide you need to learn to be a master at Oriental food.

Instead of buying new books to read, read all the books at your house, maybe even rereading some of the ones you loved. My ears super perked up here as it was sounding so much like The Unread Shelf Project I am part of; plus it also feeds nicely into the #shoppingwithrules.

I saw one post that challenged readers to use what is in their cupboards before shopping. This too has been a concept for me this year.  In fact, it can be kind of fun to do this, and you can create some crazy meals as you use up the stockpiled stuff in your cupboards and freezer. I have been going through things just this past couple days with the whole knowledge of Rawsome Summer just around the corner. Once that starts, cupboard food sits pretty idle for some time; I was making sure I didn’t have stuff that needed used up’

The kitchen is the place that has benefited most from my trend toward minimal and tiny living, my #shoppingwithrules project. The pantry is looking not just emptier, but like it could fit into a much smaller space!  Yay, me!!

It actually felt comfortable knowing that there are others following after a minimal lifestyle. A lifestyle where roots grow deep instead of wide. For me, there will be plenty of time to grow wider later, but deep roots is what will provide stability in the storms.

And we all know storms come. Pretty much unexpectedly. And they can last.

So google “depth year” and you will get all kinds of things to entertain yourself with!!

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In my last post I started diving into Cait Flanders’ list of 30 Honest Thoughts. I posted just the first one.  But the next two build on that one so I put it below for a review, along with the two new ones:

  1. Sometimes meeting someone one time is good enough, and you should leave the memory at that.
  2. Sometimes meeting someone a second and third time proves to be better, and you realize you might have even more in common than you thought the first time.
  3. You won’t know who the “one time only” people are, until you see them a second or third time.

I find comfort in knowing that some people are just not meant to be a fixture in my life. When I am super blessed by someone and they actually do reemerge, it is exciting. And then talking with them again creates an even closer bond.  It seems to be an assumption that the second and third time people stick around and do life with you in some form.

Sadness for me exists in the third one.  You never know who the one-time-only people are until you never see them again. Maybe instead of looking at it with sadness I should get excited that many do indeed come around to stay.

But of course I had to ponder on this way farther, and I came up with the realization that so often this happens in a different way, a negative way. There are those people that you would LOVE to be one-time people but they are lifers, and they end up being kind of toxic people in your world.

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Do you call certain people toxic people?  They are acquaintances that just cause you more harm than good.  Sometimes we can choose who we spend time with and sometimes we cannot.  Take work. You cannot choose your coworkers unless you are blessed to be the boss.  Organized groups that anyone can join.  Extended classes you may take.

There have been a handful of toxic people in my life in the not-too-distant past, and it was a real struggle to discern how those relationships should look. First, God brings people into our lives for a reason; and us into the lives of others. Biblically, we are not given permission to walk away from a relationship because it is difficult.

Now I am quick to say this does not cross that line into abusive situations at all.  I am talking annoying not volatile.

I have had a small handful of women friends that I know God brought my way so that I could learn how to interact with people that are hard to love. Even harsher to consider is that I am in the lives of others who find me hard to love. It goes both ways. Relationships should definitely be open handed; God will move people in and out as He sees fit, for my good and his glory. When someone is hard to get along with, the quicker I learn what God is trying to teach me the better!!

A few notes of Rawsome Summer 2019. I finished reading through Plant-based Dips and Dressings by Melissa Raimondi, marking the ones whose ingredient lists overlapped and also looked yummy.  In all reality the entire book looked yummy, so I used to cost effectiveness aspect to pick the ones I did. Now I have raw salad dressings under my belt.

Every raw eater comes to brick walls were they just need a calorie landslide to finish the day, so I am searching out some nut heavy raw/dehydrated dishes that will fill me up when that happens.  Just eating an avocado or two works pretty often for me, and honestly it is more important for me to discern if it is a craving for something I have eliminated rather than a need for calorie density.

Image result for nice cream bowl

In the world of rawness, banana nice cream is like my go to favorite.  I freeze bananas and whirl them in my Vitamix or food processor with just a tiny bit of water, smoothing them out like ice cream.  I add strawberries or blueberries as well.  I put it in a bowl and top with fruit and nuts and seeds to my hearts content.  It can take hours to munch on!

Image result for nice cream bowl

I do better with less diversity on a regular basis.  what I mean is that if I start trying to get fancy and complicated, I set myself up for failure. My day works best when I take what will transport easily for the morning, like a fruit smoothie or just a large bunch of bananas and some raw plant milk. After I get home in the early afternoon, I can assess my hunger and get a bit fancier, like a huge salad of a nice cream bowl.  On the occasion where I need denser food, I will be ready to do something with nuts and seeds.

Image result for raw nut burgers


The rub lies in the fact that the denser foods require dehydrator time, so I am going to just make some things to have on hand. I am fairly well stocked with raw nuts for “burgers” but need to find some solid recipes to actually put in a go-to arsenal…a project for this week.

Wednesday begins the first level of raw, the raw-til-4 program. This allows a cooked vegan meal each evening if desired.  It will give me time to use up some non-raw things I have in the freezer and cupboard.  While I have done Rawsome Summers before I have never made a point of good documentation. This time I want to make sure to get things written down and saved for future use. As I said before, I have the hope of continuing on after Labor Day with a raw lifestyle to a great degree.  Maybe not 100% raw?  Not sure.  I know that I feel sooooo much better eating this way; so why decide there is an end date when there really doesn’t have to be??

Raw is more than just uncooked food.  It is no more sugar. No more flour. No more grains unless they are sprouted.  No more prepackaged food that is quick and easy. Although what could be easier than peeling some bananas and eating them, right??

More conversation on Cait Flander’s 30 Honest Thoughts and more mental prep for Rawsome Summer 2019 tomorrow.



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