Lent Day One


Today I spent time in Six Hours One Friday. Max Lucado’s Writing is prolific; it amazes me how often he publishes new books. I have read a lot of them, and I have never not been greatly affected. They have such an ability to draw you in and create change. I read the first section of this book this morning.

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Anchor Points. Places God gives us to hang on to in storms. In just six short hours one Friday afternoon, God created 3 anchors for our use:

  1. My life is not futile.
  2. My failures are not fatal.
  3. My death is not final

All because he hung on a cross, was laid in a tomb and gained new life shortly after the stone was rolled in place.

Lucado says, “He only went in to prove he could come out.”

Jesus allowed himself to die, to be placed in a tomb, so that he could prove he could come out; prove he was God himself.  Prove that He was Lord over resurrection and death.

Today I slowed down.  I also spent time with my Oldest. Just her. Fun shopping expedition to a new health Food store in the area, Fresh Thyme. Found some nicely priced regularly used things. Plus toothpaste.  Toothpaste is next to impossible to find in a clean form.  But they had many brands there, so I got two to try: a regular flouride/crap free one by Earth Paste and one for sensitive teeth for Little Lovely.

Oh, I am a Dave’s Killer Bread fan, and Fresh Thyme had English Muffins!

A slow lunch and conversation. Made a wise choice for my meal.

Tomorrow is a long day away from home. Work begins at 7am and continues until 2pm.  Then serving at the Thursday service at at 6pm. THOSE are the days I do not appreciate much.  THOSE are the days I need to avoid. Those are the days that cause me to act without proper thought.

Tomorrow will be my first day to do an update from my phone app.  A new experience!



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