On the Eve of Lent


On this eve of Lent, it is time to begin an intentional emptying of all things me. I could make myself a multitude of rules, and that was definitely the rabbit trail I was running down even mid day today, but I finally saw the utter nonsense of it all.  I have already proven to myself that rules do not have a positive affect on me.

So for the Lent season, I am going to slow down and make every effort to not dethrone my glorious Lord and Savior.  I am going to put aside the wonderful devotional books I read during my quiet time, and begin Lent with Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado.

There are nine “fruits of the Spirit” listed in Galatians 5 and 47 actual days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday.  People always say 40 but the week beginning with Palm Sunday is not included.  That week on a church calendar is always different and more intense.  But for me, I am taking all the way to Easter Sunday morning to immerse myself in the fruits of the Spirit and Max Lucado.


Max wrote so many book that deal with the last week of Jesus’ life that are such appropriate study for Lent, so I am going to work my way through at least three: the one mentioned above, He Chose the Nails, and And the Angels Were Silent. I was able to get them all at the library. The small one is a devo that pulls from the rest that I have had.  Not sure I will use it.

Image result for Illustrating Bible

I plan to begin journaling in my new Illustrating Bible, and I am super excited about that. New things are hard to dive into for me, for fear I make a colossal mistake; but it’s time!

Image result for sara laughed, Lent, Fruit of the Spirit

I have a book by a wonderful Bible journaler named Sara Laughed called Lent Illustrated: the Fruits of the Spirit that I pulled off the shelf to use as I study. With 9 fruit and 47 days, I plan to spend 5-6 days on each one exclusively, but all the while rolling them all forward as I go.

I am also going to pen a note a day and snail mail it to a person that needs to know I am a fan of them.  Notes of encouragement. Notes of apology. Notes of forgiveness sought. Notes of love. Who knows??

So here is a list of the nine fruits of the Spirit.  They have different names in different versions, so I plan to stick with  the main list.




Patience   (longsuffering, forbearance)

Kindness    (gentleness)



Gentleness      (meekness)


Am I cracking down on eating? You bet. But not because it is Lent, but because it is obedience and life with Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I will weigh in first thing tomorrow. And yes I have put reminder notes everywhere.  My goal for myself might be 40 pounds over Lent?  Because I like to set goals that do not seem attainable.  It makes me work harder in the short term.

I would really like to either hop on here every day or use Instagram as a place to update daily. Not sure which I will do. I am going to bed expecting GREAT THINGS from God in me as I empty myself only to be filled with the fruits He has put in my soul through His Spirit.

Happy Lent Eve,


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