Week Eight and a Bit More

I am taking things into my own hands.  It’s been a week of trying to overcome/tolerate a back issue. It started out weeks ago as a very mild irritation that didn’t bother me much when awake but was definitely a bother when trying to sleep.  I was unable to find a position to sleep in that didn’t aggravate things. A week ago, it stepped into the limelight by turning from a mild irritant to a big deal.  As before it was very painful and tight in the morning, and by later in the day it was tolerable.

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I am not gonna tolerate it anymore.  So I took tomorrow off work, got a quart size bottle of Sovereign Silver, thawed bone broth, got out the heating pad and the hot water bottle, and declared war.  I got home mid day today and have had the heating pad on my back since then.  I have consumed lots of bone broth and a large salad.  I have recited verses that were due and wrote out Romans 8.  Now I am blogging. But that may be the last thing I do today.  And it is not even 6 PM.

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I am reading the book Eat Dirt by Dr Josh Axe.  Not too far along yet, but it is all about gut health.  I have not doubt at all that my gut is in serious need of better health!   I have read other books he wrote; he is a big Keto diet proponent.  But I like reading his writing, as it is well explained so the normal person can read it,

I realized today that Lent is sneaking up fast on me. It begins March 6. I take Lent as seriously as I possibly can, always finding something to give up for the 40 days leading up the Easter. A group of women called Wheat and Honey (wheatandhoney.com) have published a Lent study that I might go for this year, but they also have  a Lent: What to Give up Guide that I just printed out to go through for inspiration.  It is multiple pages long and I am anxious to see what it suggests..


What do you do for Lent?  It is a more meaningful holiday to me than any other.  This year, once I determine what to give up, I will spend my holiday devo time with max Lucado, a favorite author.  I am going to plow through his Chronicles of the Cross books:  On Calvary’s Hill, Six Hours One Friday, and He Chose the Nails.  Forty days of pondering the crucifixion and Christ’s life leading up to those last days. Forty days of intention.  Forty days of new habits established, and maybe bad habits gone.

Bad eating days- I ended them today. Began with the idea of eating for healing this back thing…lots of bone broth, and some “rawsomeness” on top of that. I have just a few shakes left in my Arbonne pouch, so I will be able to start the Young Living shakes before the end of the week I think. I am going to have them twice a day for sure, and I may begin with three times a day just to jump start something good.

I enrolled in Misfit Market produce boxes, delivered to my house weekly. They are so good!  I haven’t had to buy anything but bananas recently,  and my bagged salads.  But I am going to stop buying those for awhile. They aren’t organic, the dressing probably isn’t so great. And I want to find joy in the process of crafting salads each day for feeding my body and my soul.  I am looking into pre-chopping some stuff, using what comes in the Misfit box, but mainly concentrating on no waste.  The box has not had any salad greens so far. Collard greens once.

It’s time to find a direct connection between my soul and feeding myself.  That sounds kind of funny, I know, but I know what it means.  This body I am destroying has a direct and powerful connection to the soul I was blessed with upon salvation. It is necessary to connect them and allow them to benefit one another.

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My Unread Shelf Project is going OK.  I have read 18 books so far but the majority have been audio books, not books off my shelf.  So I need to concentrate more on that; getting out the paper and ink books and reading them!

Reading through Scripture goes well also.  I started in Matthew and am more than half way through Romans, but I have slowed a bit, as I am copying Romans as well as reading it. I bought a Jounible 17:18 for the book of Romans more than a year ago and decided I would fill it in as I read this time through.  I got bogged down in chapter 6 and 7, deciding it would do me good to read them daily! In these chapters Paul is me; I am Paul.

I loved Powers Sheets for determining my goals for the year, but, try as I might, I just cannot find myself in them.  I am glad that I purchased them this one time, but I will not re-buy them next year.

Shopping is comfortably nonexistent and I am enjoying that.  I am looking tomorrow at the church library for the Max Lucado books. I found two at the public library, and I hope the third is there.

I need to lay down and nurse my back some more. As I slow down and make decisions toward that end, I want to blog more.  Praying for that realization and even greater wisdom and insight as well. Praying that intentionality will lead to back healing, hahaha, even though it seems so disconnected.

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