Review #5


I confess to writing this over the weekend and never getting it edited and posted. So sorry…

I am coming to an end of the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program, and I realize that I now have to determine what I am going to eat.  I have a 30 day supply of Young Living shake pouches that I am going to continue using for my first meal of the day.  They have a controlled calorie count, and I will add fruit in a weighed amount, probably 6 oz.  I will aim for not drinking this shake until mid morning or so.

One thing that God has made so clear to me lately is that I do not know how much is a right amount.  One of the many things an over eater struggles with being able to judge “enough” and that is me, for sure.  I look at what other’s eat, or I look at what is served as a correct portion, and I always think it is small.  So for me, I need measured and weighed servings that require no thought.

After doing a sizable amount of googling, I settled on an internet couple that go by the name That DIY Couple. They have both been on a weight lose journey and have used the Bright Line Eating concepts successfully.  I watched a lot of You Tube videos they recorded, settling on a few that dealt specifically with what Shannon eats daily to avoid cravings.

It is a pretty large project to launch into, so I am going to start a bit smaller than she did.  Because I am doing the first meal as a shake (360 calories) I can do either one more large meal or two smaller ones.  I am going to try one large meal around 5 pm and fruit for snacks in between, up to a certain calorie count.

Shannon packs all her food for seven days in mason jars in the refrigerator.  She cooks a large pot of Bright Line approved stew, separating it into jars that she weighs to fill.  She fills  quart jars with salads for each day, again weighed out.  Now, she makes 14 salads and 7 main dish jars, but I am going to start with 7 salads and 7 main dish jars. I love this concept so much, so I am praying it works. There were a lot of specific details given, like wetter stuff in the bottom, followed by cruciferous layer, followed by spinach, not spring mix which doesn’t last and topped with mushrooms.  My plan is to shop for this as soon as my Arbonne shake mix is gone.

When I start on something new I get apprehensive until I do it and see that it isn’t as hard as I might have been anticipating, so I will take pics and give lots of feedback. Ideally, I want to cook this all each Saturday.  The first round will be 7 quarts of salad, a pot of lentil tomato stew (400 calories for 1/7th of the pot) divided into 7 16 oz jars, plus a shake each morning.

Reviewing the week.  It has been a not overly good week.  I get off track as much as I toe the line.  I am not sure why the struggle.  That’s always the case: never know why the struggle and never know why the success.  I cannot ever pinpoint where the slide takes place. Or maybe it is a slow fade.

I ended January with a look back on the budget for the month and my #shoppingwithrules adventure.  For the first time in years, I ended the month without a deficit, which equates to robbing savings. AND, I did not use my credit card at all.  Again, I cannot remember the last time that happened either. It is a pain sometimes to write down every penny spent, but it is worth it when I am able to see where my money goes.  Since I am not shopping for anything other than groceries, I am basically tracking food.  I believe that this new eating project will allow me to spend less that I often do on food.

I plan to purchase a re-bounder at the beginning of March.  I have researched them a lot and honestly think it will be the best exercise for my stiffness and issues.

Image result for franklin covey compass planner

I am reading through the Bible as planned. I started in Matthew for a change of pace, and am currently in Acts.  I am keeping up with my devotional material, my memory work, and adding everything into my Compass Planner by Franklin Covey.  Since each month is a separate spiral book, I have tucked away January and started February. There is so much space to record and journal.  When I was searching planners, this jumped out at me as a totally unknown and unrecommended purchase.  And honestly, until I received it and opened the box, I had no idea what all it encompassed. I will never go back to anything else!!

Image result for Prayer The ultimate conversation

The one area that I continue to feel very lacking in is prayer.  While I pray daily and often throughout the day, I feel that I am only connecting on a surface level.  I want deeper.  I want to know that I interacted with the heart of God.  I am reading Charles Stanley’s book Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation.  I want to know that I did my best to get to the heart of God.

I am finished with 11 books so far this year. My current reads are Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher, The Healing Breakthrough by Randy Clark, and The Life We Bury by Allen Eskins (audio).

So, while some goals are progressing much better than others, I have come to terms with this person that God is asking me to be.  I have determined how to mesh the me I want to be with the me that God is asking me to be, and what is emerging has to be loved and cared for with care and grace.  I am so very used to having such negative feeling about myself; it is requiring a lot of me to change that.  It is hard…

So this week in food.  What will it look like?  I think I am going to continue on with two shakes a day and dinner.  I say continue on, but it should more appropriately be “get back to” as I have just struggled so much lately. I spent time this weekend just praying through the whole WHY of my life, because I realize I am often not super agreeable with where it has taken me and how I have responded. I never wanted to be the divorced woman who got left for another.  I wanted fairy tale, but I didn’t work very hard for it.  I never wanted to be a fat adult, but I am, and there is no one to blame but me.  No, I didn’t eat my way to fat.  it was the result of having 4 babies and never demanding that self didn’t gain excess weight while pregnant, nor demand self to lose excess weight afterwards.  And 4 babies causes quite a snowball affect of weight gain, right??

But I could make excuses all day, but they do not correct any of the current issues that plague me.  It is that era of life to just figure out how to do hard and persevere.  I heard someone one day say, “It’s time to put on your big girl pants and get the job done.” That made me laugh but it is a fun way to think.




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