Number 4


This week started badly, but I am blessed to say that it ended on a happy note in comparison. The struggle was so very real, ya’ll.  I know by now that every time I do not keep on guard, Satan just loves to cause a derailment.  On and off for weeks, I have felt  like I was not able to stick with the plan.

After a lot of prayer and thinking, I made some decisions that I have asked God to help me stick with. I am planning my eating for the entire day in the morning before I really get going.  I actually figure out weights and calories and get it all in Cronometer so I can see calories for the day.  Then I am journaling prayer over that menu for just that day, committing to what I planned, and if anything else gets added, I will not exceed my calorie count. I need 1625 calories just to support the inner workings of my body, so I am not going over 1850. For the last three days I have had less than 1700 each day, and never feeling hungry.  In fact, funny thing: last night I never had my dinner, which is my second Arbonne shake, because I just forgot.

My good days are a shake for breakfast and dinner and a meal in the middle.  When I am eating that meal at work, I take a salad with avocado and fruit and enough calories to fill me up.  The morning shake runs around 425 calories and the evening, around 500. So I can have a nice lunch.

I have been having an avocado a day. The small ones only have between 2.5 and 3.5 ounces of actual fruit to eat, which is less than 200 calories. And I know they are just about all fat calories, but that is the only fat I am having. I think that works.

This morning I weighed in at 271, and I was there back on the 17th; but I have gone up and back down over and over in the days between then and now.


So today, aside from my two shakes, I made this sandwich for lunch:

1 Dave’s Killer Everything Bagel (260 cal)

2 poached eggs (140)

3.1 oz avocado (141)

1/2 ounce sprouts ( 3)

A lunch of 544 calories of goodness.  I toast the bagel, plus I add Trader Joe’s Everything But the  Bagel Salt while I am poaching the eggs.

Image result for trader joe's everything but the bagel

I have finished 8 books so far this year and have four that I am currently reading or listening to.  I only read non-fiction books, but the audio books I listen to for hours each day while I am working are always fiction. So  I am hoping to be at 10 before the end of January.

Shopping has been non-existent except necessary groceries.  I continue to have a cart of Amazon things that are not essential in case anyone wants to gift me something. Haha, that isn’t the real reason. I keep anything there that I have seriously looked at so I can use Amazon as my base price for it. Also, I will put books there that I want to check the library for.  I wonder if Amazon minds that I use their cart for such purposes??

One of my goals for 2019 was to save for an iPad Pro, but as I have thought through that, I have decided that I am going to forgo that.  Even though my hand lettering is not comparable to the precision of the work people can do on the iPad, I really enjoy doing it by hand.  I made the decision to use my lettering only for myself and that removed a large burden of thought and decision.

Image result for rebounder MXL MaXimus Life'

Instead, I believe I am going to get a small trampoline, a rebounder, so I can begin exercising.  I want to start watching some chair yoga YouTube video as as well. My joints, particularly my knees, have gotten so stiff. I am not sure if it is arthritis, Lyme’s, work, or something else entirely.  But unless I add in some intentional movement, it isn’t going to improve. I did research, and actually, even though they are said to be an excellent way to begin exercising if you have knee issues or a lot of excess weight, most are weight limited way under my weight.  I found this one and Amazon carries it.  So I plan to order as soon as I get my savings account to a certain level.


In the last few days I have been much more diligent with prayer. I will begin using the journal I made come February 1. I have great expectations that my prayer life will explode so that I need both of these journals that I made recently!! I have a book by Charles Stanley called Prayer: the Ultimate Conversation that I am adding to my morning routine starting Monday. I jokingly say “morning routine”, as it often takes me into the late afternoon to get through it all.  But it keeps my mind focused on Jesus, and that is my intention.  I am so aware of when my mind needs renewing on any given day; it seems to be set adrift without any true focus.  I desire to prevent it from getting into that messy area, and having a lot of devotional material and scripture memorization, etc to interact with helps immensely.

Image result for Charles Stanley, Prayer: the Ultimate Conversation

I live where the weather is predicted to be super cold (a high of 2 degrees one day) and minimally snowy all week, so I live in light of making it home each day to my warm cozy home.  I hope your week is a blessed one for sure.




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