Snow Anticipation

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This morning I was told of the possible forecast for the area where I live.  Looking way ahead to the weekend, the all-knowing meteorologists have predicted 10-16″ of snow.

Or none.

The storm will hit, or it will go around us???

Just so you know, I am praying that storm here, folks. Cuz it’s January, and January means snow. And for years we have had not-enough-to-shake-a-stick-at snow.  And I am tired of it.  I am tired of the haters winning out each time.

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Yes, I know it is costly to businesses when it snows and snow plows have to be called out.  I say: build it into your budget, and then if no snow, you have extra money to play with! And honestly, snow plowers need to earn income too, you know.

Yes, I know it means people have to shovel and drive and get cold.  But it is winter, and you live in the snow belt, folks.  Move if you are snow haters.  Please!

Here’s the thing, tho. If it snows A LOT, everyone can just stay home and enjoy the beauty and peace and quiet from their nice warm houses and not go anywhere, right?  It is actually the piddly little snows that make people disregard the possible dangers entirely and cause unsafe situations.

Well, all kidding aside, I once lived in Northern Virginia when 38″ of snow feel over a 24 hour period of time. Everything shut down.People stayed home. Kids played in the snow. Fireplaces were kept burning. It was a week of slow living that was fabulous. I remember that so well, and it was 27 years ago.

The most amazing thing I saw during those days of being shut inside was a squirrel running across the top of the hard snow in my front yard, and a huge hawk swooped down and grabbed him.  The hungry hawk would eat that afternoon.

I sat with 4 young kids on a sofa in the living room. We had a large picture window, and we turned around our sofa so it faced out. We grabbed books; we sat and read and watched outside for hours on end. I read out loud a Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House Book, The Long Winter.

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We made sugar on snow.


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We froze bubbles and hung them                          on a line outside.


I know that I am in the minority. Trust me everyday at work I keep silent to avoid the consternation and  ridicule. But I truly have to be careful to avoid a time of sadness if snow that was forecasted doesn’t happen.  While everyone else does a happy dance, I mourn.

Well, that is a bit dramatic, yes. But I want to be noticed for my sadness; I want to be consoled and hugged. But no, everyone else is way to busy celebrating.

I wonder if there is a crown in heaven for appreciating God’s choice of precipitation? Because I love snow, and I also love good summer storms.  Maybe one day I will be appreciated for my opinions….



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  1. Lana Cole says:

    great post!😊I love a good winter storm. Where I live we don’t often get snow in the winter but it’s always fun when we do!


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