A week in Review, #1

It hasn’t been a week, but I want to do the reviews on the weekend, so this one is only a few days long rather than a week.  But I want to have the habit of checking in on my year’s goals each week to make sure I am staying on top of everything as I intend.

Goal #1: Weight Loss/Drink More Water

This is the main goal to concentrate on this year. I am starting an Arbonne 30 day program on Monday with a large group…if my kit arrives.  I know I ordered a bit late, waiting for January’s payday, so I may have to be a day or so behind. And that’s OK. On New Year’s Day I started counting calories, eating only plant-based and mostly raw, eating no sugar and very little processed anything. No bread products.

And God has allowed me a 6.6# reduction in these short number of days. Yes, I know weight comes off easily in the beginning when you have a lot to lose. But I have been amazed to see God working, keeping me from feeling any hunger, causing me to think clearly when I need to. I feel very blessed. And I am fully aware that it is entirely God.

My first goal level is 10% which means a loss of 28 pounds.

I am learning to drink more water for sure.  I am easily doing 80 ounces most days, but would like to do 120. Water intake should be a half ounce for each pound you weigh.

Image result for 1000 gifts

Goal #2: Record 1000 Gifts

I have 20 written down in  my journal, and I find myself wanting to take pics all the time.  But instead, I have to craft words that do the job!  The most recent addition was this morning, when I walked into the kitchen and noticed sun pouring in the peep hole in my front door. First, sunshine in the winter in Western, PA is rare. Second, when I walked in front of the light coming in, I was given a sweet little spot of multicolored light on my shirt.

Earlier in the week, I saw a very large hawk close up, flying to a utility pole and landing.  He sat, ruffled his wings a bit and began watching for prey, or so I assume!

Goal #3:End the Bingeing

I have had clear and level thinking around food so far in 2019.  A true blessing. I need to stay alert, realizing it is the enemies best way to throw me off my game.

Image result for Forks over KnivesGoal #4: Meal Planning

Today we had a bowl of chili over rice for lunch. Made from scratch, calories counted, volume measured. Serving sizes calculated. I have my biggest meal for lunch on Saturday, as I work a short bit of time on Saturday night.

What I have started doing is finding a handful of meals and buying the ingredients. Then when a dinner is needed, I fix something I had planned on. I have a ton of meal plans that came from Forks Over Knives, a great weekly meal planning subscription.

Goal #5: Shopping with Rules/Reading

For the few days of 2019, I have only shopped for groceries, and I have kept that to a minimum and to necessities. I am trying to use up items in the freezer and cupboard before too far into the year. I made a not that printer ink was low, and I put the new package in my Amazon cart,but wont buy it until I am really in need. Since Amazon stuff arrives so fast, it is no big deal to wait, right.  Love Amazon for sure.

Image result for unread shelf project

What might be more noteworthy are the number of things I have said no to buying.  Books, mostly. But with the Unread Shelf Project, I will be busy reading what I have. I have finished five books so far:


Chris Beats Cancer

Image result for chris beats cancer book

Cozy Minimalist Home

Image result for Cozy Minimalist Home book

Camino Island

Image result for camino island book

The More of Less

Image result for the more of less book

Something in the Water

Image result for something in the water book

Goal #6: Blog More With Greater Intention/Start a Website (??) 

I have always considered this blog a space to record ups and downs, highs, lows and everything in between so as not to forget the amazing things God did for me.  So part of me thinks it is a pride issue to want to go bigger into a website.  But if I am truly hearing God say, “Write that book I have been asking you to write for many years now”, and I am honestly not sure I am, then I need records of life as it passes each day.

I haven’t really done a lot of anything to notice here, but I have been praying and recording as I feel I am supposed to.

img_0676Goal #7: Focus on Prayer

Probably the Christian discipline I am the least disciplined at consistently doing. I am not referring to the non-stop attitude of prayer that a believer needs to be part of.  I am talking about the sit-down-and-give-God-undivided-attention kind of prayer. On the 5th day of 2019, I have not delved into this at all.  Not sure what keeps me away. I want to be in a deeper relationship with the Lord, and I truly believe this is the key. SO I commit to starting. I have two journals that I have been gifted over the years. Both fabulous. I am going to start with the Pray it Out journal because it has a page each week for sermon notes and guided prayer based on that sermon; since my sermon note notebook came to an end last week (full), it is perfect. After that is full, I will switch to Krystal Whitten’s Pray Continuously. Two is perfect for a year of not shopping!

img_0675Goal #8: Read the Bible in a Year

I started in Matthew instead of Genesis. I am using a translation I never use (New Living Translation). I am using a Daily Walk Bible, decorated with the Bibles and Coffee tabs I painted on Christmas Day.  I am currently toward the end of Matthew.

Goal #9: Save Money for an iPad Pro

This is not necessarily something I need to work on, because as I do not shop, the money will accumulate.  But I am going to put anything entirely leftover each month into savings and earmark part of it for the iPad. I would love to save $85 a month.  I am going to be hopeful for that for now!

I really want to grow a lettering business, but without an iPad Pro it just isn’t possible.  There is no way to make lettering done freehand anywhere near perfect, like you can on the iPad.  Plus, the market is very flooded with letterers right now?  I might have to walk away from this one?

Image result for ipad pro 2018

For this year, I am going to practice daily.  And I have been.  But it needs to go to the next level: simplify the pieces I practice on, and do not put them away until they are as perfect as I can get them.

Goal #10: Take (Baby) Steps Toward Working From Home

I will note any baby steps I take here, but for now, this is thinking more than doing.  I have an extra amount of money each month that I am praying down the principal on a loan with.  This should be paid off sometime this year.  I have yet to call and get the details.  I have to call after the 10th of the month.

So, that was a helpful review.  It showed me that prayer needs to be dealt with better. It showed me I need to try hard in the water drinking department. God is blessing my weight loss efforts greatly.

I will use this same format each weekend for the weekly update to record what has taken place in each area. Because I am just anal like that and need things written down to succeed, at least in my brain!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Makinglaura says:

    Great goals, I’m super impressed you’ve read five books so far! NLT is my go to translation—-I find it very readable. 🤓


    1. Debi says:

      Well for four of those, I finished them! Had started them in mid December. I am super bad at reading multiples at a time.


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