It Arrived Without Fanfare


Yes, I am a huge fan of New Years Day. And New Years resolutions and new goals. I totally get that some people are not and I totally get that chance of failure runs high for those who commit to things at the turn of a calendar page. But for some of us, that page turn works.

Many years ago, after I had my first baby, a New Years resolution gave me the courage and endurance to loose 60 pounds.

Fast forward decades, and the world says weight lose is so much harder when you are old.  And I want to jump on that platform or train and cheer right along with the rest.  But I cannot. Because if I convince myself it is TOO hard, I will fail.

It is undeniably HARD.  That I can get behind, but God is in the business of HARD for sure.  And since 2019 will be all about doing what only can really be God doing in me, I choose to be unconcerned with the fact that it is hard.


Today I drank my Klean Kanteen of water first. 40 oz. Was feeling kind of proud, until I realize it is 5pm and I have not had any more. But I did eat 32 oz of watermelon and some clementines,and if the frequency of bathroom breaks is any indication, I am well hydrated.  But I will try to finish another 40 oz bottle before bed.

I undecorated today, and the simplicity of our decor allowed me to do it all in less than 30 min, including vacuuming up maybe 10 pine needles from the floor. My little live tree stayed so vibrant during the season, smelling so sweet the entire month of December. I plan to do that exact same thing next Christmas!!

I spent so much sweet time with the Lord today. And yes, I spent time on social media and playing a computer game, but I feel like I focused on Jesus, not on the fluff. I have finished a few books:

  1. Chris Beat Cancer, by Chris Wark

2. The Cozy Minimalist Home, by Myquillyn Smith

3. The More of Less, by Joshua Becker

I am almost finished with 2 more audiobooks. There is nothing better than reading!! Or listening.

Related image


So I ended the day with a very large, totally raw salad.  I am such a fan of sesame seeds.  Sometimes I toss them on raw; sometimes I toast them a bit. Such a good source of calcium.

My eating window was nice and short today.  Ate first around 11 am and finished at 6:15 pm.

So I think that today has been granted the honor of being called the first day of the rest of my life!

Praying over the next day and the next, when life returns to a normal that is less calm and quiet than today was for sure.

I end the day feeling very blessed, but knowing a few families that right now are not living in a spot of blessing, but of HARD. It is a good reality check to spend time in prayer over those who are struggling…




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