2019 is Coming


I have listened quite a bit lately to the conversations going on around me about Christmas. The common element seems to always be the busyness of this entire month. So when I reflect on my personal schedule and realize that somehow I have escaped the chaos that the worlds seems to believe is Christmas, I feel so blessed.

My Holiday doesn’t involve a lot of shopping; in fact it needs to involve just a little more that it has, as one very loved child just doesn’t seem to want or need anything??  I think I am going to have to make a trip to Target and just wander with her in mind and see what jumps out at me. Last year was the same, and I decided on an Apple Watch that I found on a half price flash sale one day in mid-December.  She loved it and never would have considered asking for that. I was kind of hoping to have the same blessing of instant discovery this year. So far, no.

My little tree is decorate and, despite its diminutive size, has given off a lovely pine aroma that has filed the place nicely!


It is definitely smile-worthy!!

I am working on the details of Shopping With Rules, which starts for me on January 1st.  Before you think it sounds overwhelming and hard, keep in mind that I have been “not shopping/not buying it” for most of 2018. But as the year has neared its end, my commitment to the program has waned, for sure.  I need to give it a kick, and this is how I am gonna do it.

img_0379With the help of my Powersheets,  Goal 5 is #shoppingwithrules for 2019.  And I truly want to position myself correctly so that I make it through the entire year, not just 3/4 of it.

Rule 1 gives me permission to buy minimal clothes for the reason of weight loss.  I will have the intention of thrift store shopping to replace an item that has gotten too lose.

Rule 2 allows for basic groceries, with an eye on less packaged food and more food in its original state. I want to steer away from “fluff groceries” like kombucha and the like (non-necessary).

Rule 3 requires homemade or thrifted gifts to be my first choice when a gift is needed,

Rule 4. All last year, if something broke, I was allowed to replace it.  But this year I want to ask myself to wait a bit and see if it is really necessary. My toaster broke not long ago, and because I have a toaster oven, I knew I didn’t need to replace it.  But a friend was getting rid of an almost new toaster, and she asked if I wanted it!! I was happy, because the toaster oven is a bit slow to me. Haha, I want my toast fast, right??

Rule 5 is my most important rule as it FORBIDS the buying of books.  Oh man, acquiring them are definitely my Achilles heel. So I just have to create a hard and unmovable line. The one exception I have put in the rules is in regard to the Illustrated Faith Journal Bible. I have money saved for it, but it is out of stock until Spring.  If I can find it on sale, I am allowed to purchase that.

Rule 6 contradicts an attempted rule last year; I was trying to say no eating out, but I discovered that eating out with friends is often a means of fellowship, encouragement and deeper friendship-making. So I am allowing myself to eat out once a month, if it is for the purpose of fellowship or the like. I know that I have a serious friend problem, in that I do not really have the blessing of any good friends?  I want to be open to this if God chooses to send that blessing my way. It is hard for me, because I prefer acquaintances. Surface relationships instead of deep and abiding ones. Not sure why I am like that? I believe that each time I wanted to deepen a relationship, it always brought pain.  Military life can do that. Good friends, and then a move is scheduled.

Rabbit trail. Sorry.

Rule 7: have a minimal mindset with a tiny house in mind. I can get so content in the fact that I have so much less that anyone else I know! But then I look at people who live in a tiny house or a revamped bus or an RV, and I think, “Nope, nowhere near where I need to be yet!”

My semi-OCD brain would love to have 10 rules, but I just cannot seem to develop 3 more, but I am keeping it open!

2019 is going to be a year of chronicling. And my soul loves that idea. It will have to be a year of shedding excess, in so many ways, to make time for journaling the year in much detail. Every high and low. Every success and failure. I want to know, when the year ends, all the nitty-gritty details of what God taught me throughout its 365 days.

And unlike years in the past, when success was measured in a specific self-determined manner, in this new year, success will be measured in spiritual wisdom gained and the magnitude of journal pages written!

And as I so often feel the need to do, let’s end on a happy note.  Imagine being asked to tear  the shape of a Christmas tree out of a piece of green construction paper.  No folding allowed.  And while holding the paper behind your back??!! I actually thought I was tearing a pretty good tree, until i brought it out to look at:


Sad to say I am holding it by its trunk??  Not my finest piece of work, right??





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  1. Julie says:

    I would love to be one of your once-a-month lunch people!

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