The Truth of Storytelling

The world is full of people with a story to tell. All you have to do is browse blogs or Instagram or personal websites to read about every subject imaginable. People write about the things that give their hearts passion, and rightfully so. Our passions should be God-given, and we should have excitement when we jump on a platform such as social media or the Internet to tell others about those passions.

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I spent some time perusing the Web in lots of different venues and while I found lots of stuff – lots and lots and lots of stuff – in a search for truth, I found very little. Sometimes the opinions were heartwarming; sometimes they were harsh. Sometimes opinions were just out-and-out wrong, but folks say that is the beauty of the Web. You can express your opinion and be heard.

But can you become known, well-known, by faithfully putting out good information, good news and good vibes via a blog and Instagram and whatever other social platforms you prefer?  Can you make a difference for the kingdom of God on this planet in this way.  I think you can.  I look at people such as Lysa Terkeurst who began in a manner such as that. I confess to knowing but a few details, but I was following her blog when she was first beginning the Proverbs 31 ministry.  It seems to me that God created a platform and ministry for her from the start, and she was faithful at obedience.

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I crave, literally crave, down to the most inner part of my soul, a voice.  But I have nothing to say with that voice that anyone wants to listen to. People need the voices to be experts in something; to be able to offer advice that is follow-able and will bring success.  Again, “I got nothing.” And before you think I am an extrovert with tons of self-esteem…nada. But I continue to sense God asking me to obey what He asks me to do with the end result being the ability to make a difference. I believe this weird craving is from Him.

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I often wonder if I have the  wrong idea. Like, I assume that the place where God is going to use me will be in the arena of weight loss and health, but honestly, I have epic fails every day in that area?  Hard to see how God will redeem all that mess.  But that idea makes me sad, and then it makes me try harder, and then it gives me the courage I need to look forward to the “what if” area again.

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What if I can accomplish this 100+ pound weight loss?

What if I can regain health that feels pretty gone to me?

What if I learn to be more obedient to the Lord?

What if I am able to discern from the Lord that this area is not even where He wants to use me?

What if He wants me to do something I don’t want to do? Could that even be a thing? I would hope that whatever Jesus asked of me would be met with a YES and AMEN.

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What if God’s goal for me is NOT weight loss? What if obedience is the route to weight loss  This “what if” is already seated in my heart.  It got deep seated through a lot of anguish and arguing and absolute failure, but now, I am sure that whatever I do, obedience will be blessed above all else. So I make it my aim every day to obey; the know the Bible a little better than I did yesterday and thus, better able to do what it asks of me.

Why is it so incredibly hard to  be obedient?

As you know, my issue is food and everything related to food. I am rarely able to control cravings, and I give in more than I care to admit when NMF (not my food) shouts at me.  Honestly, it might even whisper and I would give in. And I know that behind all this mess sits Satan, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat, because he likes nothing more than my disobedience.

So the real “what if” question might be: What if weight loss will follow when I learn how to allow God to work through me?  It shouldn’t be a struggle. “My yoke is easy and my burden is light” Scripture tells us of the Lord. (Matthew 11:30) So when I perceive HARD, it probably isn’t of the Lord. Or might it be that I take the Lord’s EASY and make it hard? I will admit to totally not know how to allow God to work through me.  I am better at trying to grab the reigns and “do it myself”.  That is where my better obedience needs to start, but it goes much deeper that that. In order to obey better I have to hear better what God is saying to me. And no, I am not someone who actually “hears” an audible God; but I know what it feels like to have God impress on my heart what He wants me to be doing with this life He has blessed me with. The way to know it’s a God-thing is that it will be totally unexplainable.

I have been blessed by reading both The Maker’s Diet and What the Bible Says About Healthy Living.  If I believe that the Bible should direct all areas of life, that includes eating. So I am really studying what that means.  It’s so easy with fruits and veggies.  God made them and they are good food, but in their God-made state. But what about meat? It is easy to pick out from the Bible (Leviticus) what meats are clean and unclean; that part is easy. God allowed meat eating after the flood, and I wonder if, initially, it wasn’t because all the plant life was gone. It continued with restrictions.  It seems like God is OK with eating meat.

But the issue is that today, in a deteriorating world, there is solid science to show that excessive meat eating is not good for us. After reading those two books, it seems that the wrong meat (unclean) and the fat from meat might be the main culprits. Not a lot of studying has been done on those who eat only clean meat and follow the Law as far as fat goes.

I stand on the side of choosing to stay away from what seems to be causing problems, at least on a daily basis. I will eat organic chicken and grass fed beef (rarely). I would eat turkey on occasion, but I have not been able to find good turkey in my area.  Alaska wild salmon is also OK every so often, but meat comprises about 10% of my diet at most.  Eating meat as close to the way God created it is vital.

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Eggs are another questionable thing. They are mentioned in Scripture but never as an outright “God said eat eggs” kind of thing.  Organic eggs that are high in Omega 3s are what I choose if I need them. I eat them rarely as part of a meal but cook with them when I need to.

This is getting long so I need to stop for now. Actually these points might be the only ones I have made sure decisions on anyway.

Until the next time,



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