Food That is Food

The weather has turned cold.  Fall – like for sure.  I love fall.  I think I like winter  more, but Fall is the slow fade into winter.  It gives my heart some happy. And I take some secret pleasure in listening to most of the other people around me complaining about the cold that is coming.

I allowed the last week to get away from me.  I didn’t give my bright lines enough importance and I weighed in a pound heavier than the week before.  It made me super sad.  And super mad. And super determined that this week had to be better.  So I darkened the bright lines again, got back to a strict use of intermittent fasting, and am feeling much more in control than I did last week.

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I have been continuing on in the two books I picked up regarding health and the Bible (The Maker’s Diet and What the Bible Says About Healthy Living), and they both did a good job of explaining the benefits of fasting for your body.                      Image result for what the bible says about healthy living

What if, just like God created the 7th day as a day of physical rest for the body, He created the idea of a rest for the digestive system of the body each week. Kind of a cool idea to me.  The systems of our body rest at night while we sleep to a small degree, but the digestive system can be hard at work all night depending on when we finish eating for the day.

I feel physically better when I quit early and start later the next morning.  I try to keep with a noon to 5:30 PM eating window, realizing that it might be 6 PM in reality before I am done. That means I am granting my digestive system an 18 hour window of rest.  18 hours to finish digesting previous food before giving it more. The cleaner and fresher your food choices are, the fast digestion occurs, too.

I have done some longer fasts, and maybe I will do that again, but longer fasts tend to feed into my food obsessions and cause addictive behavior.  It goes so well during the fast itself, but coming off on the back end, I just do not have enough self-control.  So I am going to learn to incorporate intermittent fasting (IMF) into my lifestyle and make it my new normal. One thing I have to figure out is, during the time of fasting, I want to train myself to not think about food all the time? That thinking creates a struggle for me in and of itself.  For IMF to be a lifestyle, food just has to be on a back burner with no thought given to.

It is challenging in today’s era to consider eating only God-created foods in their God-created state, not altered at all.  Bread was a huge staple of the diet God put in place for people, and I know that the bread of today is something I need to stay clear of.  Part of the reason is that the flour we use is not in the food-state that God made it in. It has been stripped of nutrients and refined, and undesirable things have been added that God never made to be food. It is totally understandable that flour products cause issues for so many people.

Rubin points out in The Maker’s Diet that diet is a lot more than just food. It is important to remove negativity and add laughter; to turn you back on fear and add in lots of prayer and praise. He incorporates a day of fasting each week to rest that digestive system that is overworked. He reminds the reader often to focus on God-created food that works as medicine as well – herbs and essential oils.  It is really a reminder that it’s a big picture, not a small window.

I must say, though, that when I got to the part of the book where a 40 day eating plan is laid out, I read through page one and saw the acceptance of HOT DOGS as food??  As long as they don’t include pork??  No way!!  I guess my vision of God-created food is different from the authors?  If there is one area where the book falls a bit short it is the actual eating plan at the end.    But I still appreciate the opportunity to think it through, for sure.

For me, it has once again given me more information to incorporate into a lifestyle that has been in need of reformation for sure.

I want to eat as God designed me to eat. Because we live in a world where food is so adulterated, it may not include things made from flour. No sugar for sure.  I will continue researching and looking for what God intends. I may seek out some ancient grains to see if they can be used safely, since I know flour products just do not work for me.  And I am seeing that I need to create a list that works for my mind, as far as God-created food?Image result for eggs

For example, no where in Scripture are eggs mentioned as food?? Job comes the closest when he talks about the white of an egg being tasteless, meaning he had to have tasted, right? But that doesn’t tell me eggs were created to be eaten? Yet, The Maker’s Diet permits the eating of eggs?? If God’s word is the guidelines for “what is food” then why eggs? I am off to do further research on foods mentioned in the Bible!!




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