100 Days To 2019

Bright Line Eating has been so kind to figure this out for me.  And it has been an Instagram focus for a day or so now.  Counting backward into 2019. So the me that likes challenges has decided to create one.  For me.


If there is 100 days left, well technically there is 98 as of today, then what can I accomplish in that amount of time? I weighed in yesterday for a current total weight lost of 22 pounds since the beginning. But even better, there has been no time of going backward.  Some time of holding steady, but no gaining.  That alone makes me smile.

So I am starting this 100 day challenge at 278 pounds and making a goal to get to 248 pounds by New year’s Day. That is a 2# lost each week, plus 2# extra thrown in to make an even number. 30 pounds in 100 days.  As much as I like challenges, this makes me a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I am erasing all wiggle room. I am making it so that I can not fall off the program and just coast there in the ditch.

If I accomplish this it will mean that on January 1, 2019, I will be 1/3 of the way to my goal.  That makes me happy.

Today, I overate for the first time in a long time.  I don’t think the amount was necessarily humongous, but it was a lot more than I was hungry for, and the old food addiction behavior just kicked right in. Mindless eating, I call it. No thinking, just eating.  The goodness of each bite overwhelms any logic you try to put in place.

And now, man do I feel bad. Lethargic; in need of a nap. My stomach is making the loudest noises EVER.  And as I think back on the food itself, it really was NOT all that great. A little spicier than I prefer. Not a lot of distinct flavors. So really, it was the idea of what I was eating way more than it was the food itself?  Hard to explain.  I convinced myself that I needed to eat ______________ one more time before I started the 100 day challenge.

Image result for the makers diet book

I have started reading The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. So far I have only read the chapters that contain his biography, and it brought me to tears:

“Hopelessness flooded my being, and all I could do was pray. At that point I was ready to go home to be with my Creator. Though I felt I had lived an incredible life for my young age, I was disappointed that I had never fallen in love, gotten married. In spite of my pain, I thanked the Creator for a wonderful life, committed myself into his hands and prepared to die.”

Wow, can you imagine being so sick? As I am reading, I am realizing how blessed I am to be experiencing pain but not at death’s door.

So 30# before 2019.  I am ready.  Here are the Bright Lines I have drawn:

  1. no flour (or anything made from ground grain)
  2. no sugar of any kind; nothing sweetened
  3. intermittent fasting daily from 6pm to noon the following day
  4. food weighed and measured
  5. first sustenance will be protein drink, bone broth, Young Living Ningxia Red shot, sauerkraut.
  6. I must count calories due to this insertion of weird stuff.  I want that entire first “meal” to be all food that is medicine.

I have a BMR of 1838, which means if I slept all day I would burn 1838 calories. I need 2573 calories to maintain my weight.  My goal is to eat 1600 calories or less each day.  Not drastically less; just keeping it under 1600.

Related image

So my Happy Planner, which I LOVE, is being revamped to be a place to record numbers. I need to be better at recording money expenditures, but I am now going to include weight, etc.  I still log food into Cronometer and that works so well for me. Because money is such an issue for me, I am also going to try to get my savings account to a certain number by the end of the year.  There will be 7 paydays from my part time job before 2019, and I would love to develop the habit of not spending any of that and living on the other pay I receive.  If there are 7 paydays, that would mean a potential for somewhere between $1600 and $2000 going into savings, so I am going to be brave and try to gain an additional $2500 in savings before 2019.  I have a pledged amount finishing up in December, so starting in 2019, that amount is going to be added to my loan payment to get that finished up before 2019 is over.

Image result for coffee and conversation

So money and pounds are my world.  And I have to dwell there to succeed.  I canceled two meal dates for this week.  I am going to start saying no to invites that include anything but simply coffee and conversation!! Unsweetened coffee. Haha, and in all honesty, the coffee snob in me is going to insist on GOOD coffee, so it might be coffee and conversation at my kitchen table!! That is OK with me!




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