The Recurring Drift

Why is it that I could title every fifth or sixth post this same way?  I am so very tired of myself today.  The slow slide is just an event that I have not yet figured out how to prevent.  But I do see clearly that it is always the result of eating out at a restaurant.  Which it just nearly impossible to prevent in my life?  But I am coming to the conclusion that it just has to go.  I am just not able to choose wisely and fit it into my program?

And I come to this same conclusion on a regular basis as well??

And then I just totally give up and forget the idea of every feeling better and being in a right sized body.

But I am NOT GOING TO DO THAT THIS TIME. I feel like God has gotten me to the point where I can know that giving up isn’t an option. I have the facts.  I know how to work the program. I know that sugar and flour are enemies that I have to avoid.

And when you prefer not to eat meat either, choices are super limited, right?  Salads.  That is kind of what is left to eat, particularly when eating out.  Again, the eating out needs to go.

But I got on the scale and while it hasn’t moved tons, it is still down.  So while I get so discouraged about my lack of obedience, I feel like my efforts are being blessed in a way, because failure happens, but I am not giving up.

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I am reading a book called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living by Rex Russell. There is a Bible study online to do along with reading the book, and I am being blessed daily by what is said between the covers. It is not all food related.  It is healthy living as a big picture.

The book starts with some facts about circumcision.  God’s word says that circumcision for a male baby  is to happen on the eighth day of life. In our current world. babies are circumcised on the 2nd or 3rd day of life. This is before the body’s natural supply of vitamin K is present.  So babies receive a shot of vitamin K to force a clotting ability so that circumcision can occur earlier??  And why do female babies receive this shot. Mainly because it has now become just a normal thing to administer to babies.

But even deeper, the small amount of vitamin K a baby is born with is pretty depleted by day two, and the naturally occurring vitamin K kicks in around day 5, 6 or 7. Thus, God’s decree for circumcision to occur on day eight is so very perfect. While we today, under the new covenant, are not under the Law at all. Yet, the parts of the Law that are related to health and eating are so applicable still.  God established them to go with the bodies that he created to help those bodies work their best!

What the Bible Says About Healthy Living delves into these parts of the Law that could help us be healthier today.  Doesn’t it make sense that the God who created the body we live in, the God who allows His Spirit to reside in that same body, would have ways for keeping it at its prime level of health?


There are three basic principles Dr. Russell puts forward as starting points:

  1. Eat only substances God created to be food;avoid what was never designed for food.
  2. As much as possible, eat foods as they were created, before they are changed or converted into something humans think might be better.
  3. Avoid food addictions; do not allow any food or drink become your God.

Principle One seems easy enough. God created certain things to be fuel for this body. Gen 1:29 tells us that seed-bearing plants and trees with fruit are food.  When Adam ate that way he lived 930 years.  After the Fall and the flood, Noah only lives 500 years.  This was affected by the upper level waters being gone, but also by the first deviation in the diet.  After the flood, meat was added because plants were rare for awhile.  Keep in mind, we are still housed in the original bodies God created, so the ideal diet in still the Gen 1:29 fare.

Moses lived 120 years. He was way far from the Creator’s diet as he lived in Egypt and ate the rich fare of Pharaoh’s household while growing up. God knew that with the passage of time and the diversion from the ideal diet, life would get shorter and shorter.  In Psalm 90, man’s days are said to be “70 years, sometimes 80.” This was written by David, so by the time he was on the scene, lifespans were down to what we can expect in America today.

Did you know that fat from cattle, sheep and goats is forbidden in Deuteronomy 7:23? and today we know that the most toxic fats for our body to consume are the fats of these three animals.  God knew best thousands of years ago.The second principle deals with food that God created to be food, but man has decided to morph in some way.  Dr Russell uses bread in his book. The kernel of wheat is so prefect in nutrition, but man, in an effort to make bread that wouldn’t “go bad”for a long time, peeled most of the goodness from that wheat kernel and then made bread from what was left.

Eat things God intended for food and don’t alter it.

Principle three is a bit harder, especially for me.  Food addiction is such a part of my life. But God’s first commandment is, “You shall have NO other god’s before me.” (Ex 20:3). If food is more important to me that my obedience to God, it is a god in my life.  Here’s the cool thing though, if I keep that fact ever before me, and am constantly thinking about putting God first, He will give me the ability to carry that out. It’s that whole thing of God working and me being a willing vessel for that…so hard to understand entirely, right?

When food overtakes our brain processes, fasting can be a mechanism that can help get back on track, especially since God says that one of the benefits of fasting is to “set the oppressed free and break every yoke.” (Is 58:6). As an addict I need freed!!

As I continue studying through this book with an attitude of prayer, I am excited about what I will learn.  I have prayed for an increased awareness of what goes in my mouth, and as a result, eating outside of my house has lost a lot of its glamour.

AND, instead of accepting a lunch date that a friend offered, I  invited her over for coffee, to sit and chat in the comfort of my house.  That is what I  want to do more often.


The calendar says we have moved into the Fall season, and today, I agree!  It is in the 60s and overcast. A huge storm came through last night and brought the coolness in its wake. I am glad for that. Our local coffee house has begun its Pumpkin Spice flavoring in lattes. It is such a great shop, making their own flavorings from good ingredients!  Makes me smile to have  a cup of coffee in this place!

Image result for beaver falls tea and coffee company

Enjoy your Lord’s day tomorrow. I am teaching a Sunday school lesson on the missionaries, John and Isobel Kuhn, and then lunching with my sweet college-aged daughter.  It looks like it will be a great day.



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