Through to Day 21


It is Weigh-in-Wednesday.  I posted on Instagram early today that I lost another 4.2 pounds. So excited. Here I sit in the late afternoon after an exhausting couple of days, eating a huge salad and feeling so content and self-assured. That is a total of 12.2 pounds in 21 days on Bright Line Eating.img_9707

I have added something in to my day.  Right now, just once a day, but eventually I would like to have it before each meal.  Raw sauerkraut.  I am not buying probiotics right now because I would really like to investigate finding what I need in food alone. Not sure how possible it is in the age we live in, when soil is depleted of minerals, etc.  I would like to find a sauerkraut recipe that I can make. So many call for special equipment and techniques; I have no interest in that. So I guess I want to find a recipe that is easy and affordable.  I do have a source for raw sauerkraut at a store, and it isn’t overly pricey.  But my homemaking nature thinks I could make it myself and take pleasure in that?  Maybe not?  I will probably content myself with buying it for now.


A serving is just 2 tablespoons.  It is good to eat this serving size before you eat your meal, as it puts great probiotics in your gut before food enters.  I will stress as firmly as I can that you do NOT want to eat more than that measly couple tablespoons at first.  And even if you are a veteran sauerkraut eater, tummies often revolt at greater amounts.

I have gotten very sure about entering meals in Cronometer, a great calorie counting app. Even tho’ the charts where you figure out how many calories to eat a day say that I can eat well over 2000 and still lose weight, I am choosing to stay at 1500.  And honestly, I am not hungry at all.

So, three meals a day.  No flour. No sugar. And after I select my food from the list, I put it in Cronometer and make sure the calories are where I want them.

Related image

I had a glitter accident recently.  For the most part I am a glitter fan.  But when it explodes in your purse…not so.  My purse is still seeping glitter with every passing hour, and it is all over my wallet as well.  So when payday rolls around I will need to determine if replacement is necessary.  I keep vacuuming it and wiping it out, but so far, that hasn’t solved the problem yet.  This might be yet another time when I have to break Not Buying it?  I am going to try to get it all clean, but I am giving myself the option of replacing if needed. One thing I have noticed is that I opt most often for a backpack instead of a purse, a backpack that my daughter used for 4 years of high school and was going to donate to the thrift store when I grabbed it for a try.  And I like it better, I think.  Not ready yet to decide, but I have some time until payday.

What is God teaching me of late?  I ask myself this every day, because a day without hearing from God is an empty day. There are periods of time, (and, recently) when life has seemed so chaotic and unsettled.  I will be the first to say it was mostly about my sin rising to front and center every day. But as eating has gained some order, peace has settled.  I am always so blessed by the seasons that come on the tail end of chaotic ones.  For now, that is how I am living.  And not an hour goes by that I am not aware of the Lord’s good gift. But I am also fully aware that at any moment, He could choose to send something my way that will disturb that peace for a period of time.  And will need to be OK with that as well.  And in reality, those peace-lacking seasons are better at drawing down deep roots than the seasons of ease. But I am not nearly firm enough in my faith that I ask for those harsher seasons.


We had a Moving Day at work yesterday.  A new office area was completed, and it was time to move a couple dozen people into new office space.  Well, I worked way too hard, forgetting that Lyme’s should make me say, ” I need to NOT work to the point I did on Tuesday, but it was a pride issue. I am so used to being the fat person who just cannot keep up that when I am put in a spot where I can attempt to prove myself, I cannot use my common sense. My legs are just not working today, needing rest constantly. Sigh.  It might be days.  My hands. Every joint.  I feel like they might belong to someone else?

But onward I go.  Praying for relief soon.  Honestly, I have to wonder if going slowly off all the supplements I was taking are part of the cause, part of the reason it is so bad?  But there is no other way to determine what is working and what is not unless I shed it all and then add stuff back slowly.

So until the next time…







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