Days Thirteen to Fifteen


Summer storms have been rolling through today. I love summer storms!  Second only to winter storms! As the summer ramps toward its end, my heart just leaps into fall and even winter.  And yet, I saw watermelon on sale today and will need to go get one (or two). Before it is too late!

I ate in a restaurant today for the first time since starting Bright Lines.  I chose a place that I thought would give me options I could eat.  I started with a salad and had a chicken entree. I honestly do not think I will eat out much.  It is just more comfortable to eat at home where I can be precise.  And every opportunity I am given to fudge anything is bad.  My addiction issues need firm lines. And they cannot be broken.


I got my five year journal that was suggested in the book.  I haven’t started writing in it yet, cuz I haven’t quite figured out what to included in the few lines for each day.  What will I want to read in a year? Two years? Five? While I am a total journal gal, starting a new one is usually a bit painful. Why is that?

Tomorrow is Weigh-in Wednesday.  And I am not thinking it will be as fabulous as last week.  There were too many times I did not stay as strictly to the Bright Lines as I did the week before.  And honestly, if the weigh in is not so good, it will give me the jolt I need to get back to where I was a week ago.

Why am I so prone to this drift.  Why is it so hard for me to keep a strict regiment?  I really do feel that it is the place where Satan knows he can accomplish great chaos before I even really notice. I am always drawn into the hymn Come Thou Fount when I get to the 4th verse and sing the words, “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it.  Prone to leave the God I love.”  And because of this prone-ness to wandering that I seem to be unable to shed entirely, I make a concerted effort each and every day (sometimes many times throughout the day) to draw my heart constantly toward the heart of God. Prayer. Time in the word. A job at a church where I can stop and pray with people during the day. Pretty ideal for preventing drift, right.

But it takes a planned out course of action.  And I have to be willing to do the same for my eating, especially since I have allowed it to create a barrier between the total intimacy with God that I desire.  I look at my fatness and see that as such visible sin. And sin keeps my heart from being able to be totally in His.

The second verse of that same hymn mentions an Ebenezer that the hymn writer raises, a “stone of help” as a memorial to the Lord for His greatness. I need to raise my Ebenezer daily, for without His great help, I would not have found and decided to follow Bright Lines Eating.


Weigh in Wednesday was not so great, but I didn’t gain nor stay the same. I lost one pound.  I want to do so much better.  I have started adding my food into Cronometer again as a second line of defense for eating.   I am such a planner gal.  And a journal gal. And anything the involves creativity on paper.  Which is against the flow of my desire to be less wasteful and more minimal.  I have tried over and over to do all my planning on my smartphone calendar, but there is absolutely no creativity or color or personality with that. I always resort back to paper.  And no ordinary planner works.  It needs to be able to have stickers and hand lettering and colors and creativity.  Only then am I happy.  I have tried a few different ones.  This time I am starting with The Happy Planner from Create 365.   I got three different sticker packs to dress it up, too. Just like starting a new journal can be daunting, so can starting a new planner! But I dug in and started adding stickers today.

Stickers fall under the same category as journals and creativity!  LOVE them

Today I was drawn in AGAIN to the verse found at Psalm 37:4-

Delight yourselves in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Remember, this doesn’t mean that He will give you what you heart desires. It means that He will place in your heart what you should desire.  My round-a-bout way of getting to this verse today began in Matthew.  And a lesser-used translation.  I know that there might be a purpose for all the different Bible translations; a few of them seem to be most applicable to seekers or those who have just recently become believers and have no deep knowledge yet.

First I read Matthew 5:6 in the New Living Translation:

God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.

The NIV says:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

I think those two verse translations are as different as night and day??

Justice, to me, is a thing that is attainable through works. People can work toward justice in the world today. And people who are not believers get on the justice train often. Think of all the celebrities who are all about ending human trafficking.

Righteousness is an entirely different story.  It can only be attained through the Holy Spirit in us.

So one translation seems to suggest a blessing if we chase after justice, and the blessing will be that we find satisfaction in that. Not necessarily a bad thing.  But no where near the concept of living in the righteousness that God’s spirit gives us and feeling full. Fullness and satisfaction are opposite ends of the spectrum to me.

But then I remembered Psalm 37:4 and God’s promise to transform the heart until it desires what God desires. That satisfied heart that is filled with God’s desires will feel FULL!

I love it when the fact that I have put importance on hiding and studying God’s word allows me to wrestle with things until they connect properly.  His word is so rich, oh my goodness.

Still not a fan of some translations, tho. Just sayin’. I steer clear of The Message as a rule and I am 50/50 on the New Living Translation. Basically all accepted translations fall under one of three categories:

Word for Word (New American Standard Bible, English Standard Bible, King James and New King James). These translate each word from the original language with no emphasis on understanding.

Thought for thought (Holman Christian Standard Bible, New International Version). These emphasize the ability of the reader to understand what is being read. So they start as a word-for-word, but then go a step further for understanding. These translations are the ones theologians recommend most often for personal study.

Paraphrase ( New Living Translation, The Message, The Living Bible). Only the “idea” remains in this category.  It is a very loose wording of the original. And often, meaning is let go of for the sake of understanding of the concept intended.

I have many paper translations. I spend most of my time in my old NIV.  The newer NIV, in an attempt to be gender neutral (why??) lost my respect. I also love the ESV and the HCSB, which She Reads Truth is popularizing with their new Bibles. I have an NLT in the Life Recovery Bible.

Only in America, I swear.  We are so blessed with all these different ways to read and understand the Word. And probably, to each his own.  If having a paraphrased translation will cause you to read God’s Word more often, go for it.

This is a pretty wonky blog post, folks. It started out with an update on eating and wound all the way through to Bible translations??  Wow, I am reminded that this is kind of the way my brain really works.  It is so distractable and lacking focus a lot of the time.  Sorry if reading this boggles your organized mind.




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