How’s it Going? August 15-16

Check in time.  I am doing well.  Following my Bright Lines and keeping on track.  As I have read more of the book, I realize I can establish more Bright Lines if I feel they are necessary.  So I have been thinking on that.

I also ordered a 5 year journal.  I love the idea of writing a few sentences everyday and then reading those sentences a year later and another year later, etc. I know this was in opposition to my NOT BUYING IT, but I decided it was worth the break in commitment. I have been so very good at NOT BUYING IT that I am pretty amazed at myself.  Susan mentioned in her book that when you choose a scale one feature to make sure you get is one that does not automatically turn off after a few minutes.  That’s my scale for ya.  Half way through cutting and weighing salad ingredients, it turns off.  Sigh.  In the past I would have immediately searched out a scale on Amazon that didn’t do that and ordered it.  This time, I made a note in the margin of the book to search out that feature  when my scale dies and needs replacing.

This morning I was taking my daughter a meal for lunch at work, and I got her a green tea to go with it.  Without thinking, I had a swig of it, and even though it was very minimally sweetened with honey (according to the label) it was so sweet tasting to me that I wanted to spit it out! This was such a good thing for me to have experienced, as I would drink these teas and consider them barely sweet just a couple weeks ago.

Something that I am also working on is my complexion.  I have a lot of facial bumps that are very unsightly to me.  I was told by my physician almost 20 years ago when they started that they were called “cholesterol bumps.” Now in the day of Google images, I can safely say they are not!  But I do not know what they are. They developed over the course of a pregnancy but have worsened over time in the decades that followed. I have been using some different face products to see if I feel like anything helps at all?  Or maybe weight loss will be the greatest helper of all.

But I have tried a few products that are noteworthy. I cannot tell if anything is “working,” but my face feels so much cleaner and fresher. I ordered this Follain Clean Essentials Kit. It is a small container of all the products they sell for face cleaning. My kit also contained a small bar of soap that isn’t in the picture.  It isn’t very pretty anymore, nor in its photo-worthy wrapper. I love the smells.  It is all clean and natural, with nothing objectionable in any product.  For me, the issue will be affordability if I decide that something is fabulous and seems to be lessening my skin issues.

Image result for follain clean essentials kit

Image result for pacifica beauty face lotionAnother product I have tried is Pacifica’s Dreamy Youth Face Cream. When I first saw it I asked my youthful daughter of 18 if it was for youth and she replied, “No, it is for old ladies who want to look younger.” There ya go. Again, I love how it makes my face feel.  And  while it is more affordable than Follain, what I continue to purchase will be determined by what works best.

Image result for andalou naturals face maskI love this face mask, so it makes me what to try the other products that Andalou has available.  If I finish up the Follain and need to try a different cleansing line of products, I think I will see what Andalou has.  A rep from this company visits my local health food store pretty regularly, and it would be good to talk with someone and get a recommended product.

The main requirements are nothing crappy in the ingredient list and no animal testing.  Your skin is your largest organ and it is a gateway to the rest of your internal self.  It is vital not to bathe it in chemicals or questionable ingredients of any kind.

But I am very cognizant of the fact that working hard on this taxed, fat body has to begin with weight loss.  So as I move on in Bright Lines eating, I hope that focus will allow other issues to lessen.  So much of what I experience in my physical body is related to Chronic Lymes, but  until I am in that right size body, I won’t know what is actually preventable and what is not. Weight loss is like the hinge that everything else rests on.

One thing I have created in my Bright Lines Menu is what I call “Go-To Meals.” So far I have one for breakfast and one for lunch.  And until I tire of them, they will be what I eat.

Breakfast is always 8 ounces of So Delicious coconut milk yogurt, 4 ounces of organic cooked quinoa and 6 ounces of whatever fruit I have. Lately, it has been peaches.  As that bag of organic peaches depletes, grapes will come next, as I found organic grapes at my local Aldi. I stir it all up and spoon it into a tall, slender Ball jar.

Lunch’s Go-To meal is a 6oz salad that starts with 2-3 ounces of organic romaine, topped with 3-4 ounces of heavier salad ingredients, according to what’s in the refrigerator.  I add 6 ounces of black beans and 6 ounces of fruit. Today was strawberries and tomorrow will be blueberries. The dressing is made from 1 tablespoon of sesame oil and 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

My food choices are probably 95% organic…just putting that put there so I can keep from typing that word a million times.

Dinner is a bit harder.  I eat a late breakfast and a late lunch so sometimes I am not hungry for dinner.  Like today.  Sometimes I make a salad similar to lunch only bigger.  Once a week I cook an organic chicken thigh.  Another day I cook 2 eggs.  I don’t do dairy at all. When the chicken is gone, I will buy some salmon if I can find something good and clean.

I like to shop minimally and not have a lot of variety.  Variety stirs the pot for me, and I prefer a pot that is still!

Until next time,




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