August 12-14


I must say I am a bit apprehensive about weighing in tomorrow! I can actually say I feel at least a bit better?  I hope it isn’t all in my head.  I have stuck very well to my Bright Lines for the last 6 days, and I feel like the cravings are so much less, the desire to grab food on the run have disappeared, and I feel a semblance of control that has been completely missing for so very long.

The weight of this blessing is such a pleasure. A comfort for my soul. For the first time in a series of months, I am focused on accomplishing the goal of getting back to my right sized body.  It has been a lost vision.


In hindsight, it is always so easy for me to assess the events that fell into the puzzle and to see why they each were necessary.

It was necessary for me to develop a sense of inner excitement with regard to the weight loss clinic in order for me to also develop the determination needed to move forward in the direction God would present.

It was necessary to be shocked at the price of the program at the weight loss clinic.  Totally not affordable.  I left there just SURE that God had equipped me to do this; I didn’t need to take out a loan for 5 years to pay for it.

God knew me better than I knew myself, for sure.

I have been asked to design a tattoo for a friend, and while the task is very daunting, it has been quite fun! I have been lettering a quote a hundred different ways until she likes it as much as she needs to in order for it to be inked on her arm forever. The quote is a refrain from a song that was popular in Christian circles some years ago:

Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?  I have heard you calling in the          night. I will go, Lord, where you lead me. I will hold Your people in my heart.

Makes me think of Samuel, when God was calling him at night. Or Isaiah, when God called him to GO.  Could it be me?  Can I say, “Here I am, Lord! Is it me you are calling, Lord??” How exciting would that be!! Would I answer, “Yes, I will go!!  Wherever it is, Lord, I will go?”  But even more so, would I tell the Lord that I would hold His people in my heart?  Do I care enough for His people? And does that mean specifically the Jewish people? I think it does?

Today I was reading about the call of God. So often people talk about this call as if it isn’t knowable.  But I think there is a large handful of things we can know we are called to do.  Things like show love to others, pray for others, work out a relationship with God that is vibrant, live in community.  One that I was reminded of today in a study I was reading through, First Be a Follower, by Hannah Brencher, is to do small ordinary things on repeat, because God has called us to live a normal, ordinary life among the people He created. So instead of searching out some big call that God might place on your life, spend your time doing the things He has called everyone to do in His word. It could be that the people who get the big extraordinary calls will be those He finds busy doing the everyday ordinary ones when He looks.





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