August Tenth and Eleventh


I am two days in and I have nothing to complain about. I am totally in love with breakfast. My creature-of-habit-ness finds me fixing the same thing each morning (well, it’s been only two) but it is so yummy.  I am currently using plain almond milk yogurt, but have ordered coconut milk yogurt.  It is a bit hard to find yogurt with no sugar. So Delicious is my hero!Two mornings now I have used bananas as my fruit, but I might diversify tomorrow as I have blueberries!! This morning I sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and that was delightful!

Image result for yogurt, quinoa and fruit

Lunch for two days (remember the creature of habit tendencies) I have had green lentils, quinoa, and brussel sprouts all combined in a bowl with a tablespoon of Italian dressing. And a bowl of watermelon on the side.


Dinner was the same, with a salad replacing the fruit. But tonight we are going out for some shopping and will grab salads at Panera, where I have browsed the menu to find something that will work.

My love of consistency and little variables is being satisfied nicely. My prayers have consistently revolved around a mindset that accepts this way of eating as life. Because that is what it has to be.

I weighed in yesterday morning so I knew where I was starting. And I had to laugh over the fact that it is exactly where I left off.  I was concerned that I had gained over these months of not weighing, but I weighed in at 284.2.  I will go back to a weigh in day each week. It was Monday, but I just like the Weigh-In-Wednesday title, so I think I will do it on Wednesdays.

I am feeling motivated, and God has given me a few confirmations that it was a good choice. I knew, as soon as I heard the amount that the weight loss clinic was charging that God was not in that plan. To take out a loan to pay for something that in all honesty can be done without a large charge, seems so against all I know about God.  He expects me to live within my means and gives me what I need. I believe He could have given me the money and the peace of mind I needed if that was the direction He wanted me to go.  But because it caused such inner turmoil and because the money wasn’t available, I can be sure I went the right direction.

Bright Lines has settled into a place of peace. And just the fact that I am not hungry is a positive signpost.   As the weekend is beginning, and for me, there is some ease and rest,


Image result for sugar detox

This is life lately for me, and the odd thing is that I cannot figure out the reason for being so behind in everything and where this feeling of chaos is coming from. But it is now later in the afternoon on Saturday.  I am glad I waited to post so that I can briefly discuss the detox headache with you.  I have given up coffee every so often, and the resulting headache is wicked.  But, honestly, the sugar detox head-banging I have had all day is nothing in comparison.  It gives me an indication of how much more addicted to sugar I am than possibly caffeine.  As I consider helping with a Sunday School class tonight and teaching a class tomorrow , all while clenching my teeth and squinting my eyes, does not leave me feeling happy in any way! But persevere I must, right?  The only redeeming thing about a detox headache is that it is kind of predictable.  It comes on with a true vengeance, lasts just a couple days, and leaves as suddenly as it came. I will be counting the days.

My mind goes back again to the previous post where sugar, flour, opium and cocaine are compared.  Yes, I can actually totally see that right now.  I am praying that this pain makes a great enough impression to prevent me from going back to sugar ever again.  I just want to say and believe that I will never eat sugar again. I am ready to be the intentionally careful person that I need to be in order for the Me I want to be to emerge.

Today is Day 3 of following Bright Lines and Day four of no sugar.  I am looking forward to that count of Bright Lines eating days to rise into the double digits. Susan Pierce Thompson has a 14 day challenge that I may do.  I completed it once before but may do it again, because I wonder of the video material would be beneficial to hear again?  Or maybe it is all in the book?  So I am going to give it a bit of time and see.


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