Let’s Talk Lyme’s and Addictions

I keep hearing things like “it’s a bumper year for Lyme’s.”  And it seems like a couple times a week I hear of a new person who has been diagnosed.

I work in a small place, less than 30 employees, and among them and their families,  there has been a new person every week for the summer: a mom, an 11 year old boy, a college student.  It is not even surprising anymore?

Pennsylvania is the third worst state to live in for Lyme’s disease. We have family practice doctors…and Lyme’s Docs.

What exactly is Lyme’s Disease.  Believe it or not, it starts with an acorn, a mouse’s favorite food.  Abundant acorns growing on the oaks draw an abundance of white-footed mice to feast.  These cute little mice’s blood is a tick’s primary food source.  But, the rodent’s blood contains the bacteria that we now attribute to Lyme’s Disease. Whatever a tick latches on to after the mouse gets a nice dose of that bacteria within the first  day/day and a half of attaching.

The ticks that are drawn to the white-footed mice are so tiny, like seed sized.  So easy to miss. On the picture above , it is the smallest tick pictured. Until they are attached for a day or longer they are not really noticeable. My tick was estimated to have been there, under my hair on the back of my head, for many days before I noticed it. It was indeed one of these tiny ticks, but when I found it, it had grown to the size of corn kernel.

It was two years before I was diagnosed with Lyme’s.  Maybe I had symptoms that I didn’t recognize in that time span?  When you aren’t thinking along that line, it all escapes notice.  Now that I have a diagnosis, I notice EVERYTHING. My understanding is that the more time that passes between pulling off the tick and being diagnosed, the greater your chances that your form of Lyme’s in chronic.

So what are good protocols to follow once diagnosed? Or even while waiting for the tests to come back? Yes, it takes weeks to get results back, and it seems typical that a series of Doxycycline doses begin before results are positive.  I do not take antibiotics, but I took the weeks of recommended Doxy. Turns out for me, it had been too long since the actual bite and it probably didn’t help much. Except to kill all the good bacteria in my body!!  I tried to be diligent with heavy probiotics, etc until I felt like it all leveled out.

What do I take now?  SO. MANY. SUPPLEMENTS. And honestly, it is kind of a game to pick what might help, and once you start, you are a bit afraid to stop, just in case it is doing you some good.  For me, with limited income, I have to be so much more careful than I wish I had to be!

I started out with what is called RNA Ultimate Lyme Support System.  It is a systems of 4 sprays that are used together. After that I moved on to:


Any good multivitamin that is based in whole plant foods.

Image result for garden of life multivitamins               Image result for Nordic natural

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. Two gel caps daily.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics.  Your level of “issues” will determine the type you need.  There are 50 billion tabs, 20 billion tabs, 13 billion tabs , and many others. I started high and have gone down, mainly because it is less expensive and going down a bit hasn’t affected anything adversely.

Image result for renew life ultimate flora probiotic

AND REALLY, every living, breathing person should take these three.

Truvani Turmeric Curcumin with Black Pepper. I love that these are tablets that can be dissolved in liquid. Using a recipe supplied by Truvani, I make what is called Golden Milk every morning. Heated organic almond milk with 3 curcumin tabs cinnamon, ginger and just a touch of real maple syrup. Instead of first morning coffee, I have first morning Golden Milk.

Image result for truvani turmeric                     Image result for calm magnesium

Magnesium.  CALM by Natural Vitality. Best way EVER to get more magnesium which calms the nervous system.

Glutathione. 500 mg daily. It is a trio of three amino acids that aids in cell health. Since Lyme’s attacks at a cellular level, this is important.

Image result for glutathione

CoQ10. It occurs naturally in the body and works in muscles, including your hear muscle. Some think this works well for Lyme’s; some don’t. I tried to watch for a difference when I started, and I don’t think I saw any improvement?  Not sure.  I plan to do 90 days and then stop for a bit. Natural supplements need 90 days, folks, to build up. So give them time.

Image result for coQ10                    Image result for renew life skinny gut                    Image result for beet root powder

Now let’s complicate matters by impacting Lyme’s with obesity. Bad combo. Lyme’s hits your already compromised joints and so much more. So in an effort to aid my typically horrible efforts at weight loss, I take extra fiber (Skinny Gut by Renew Life), Beet Root Powder (any brand I find that is the best price, organic, non-encapsulated), and Lypo-Gold (Enzymedica).

Image result for lypo gold

I take no pharmaceuticals.  And honestly, if I could just mentally get my food under control, I would be so blessed with weight loss, which in turn would bless me with less issues due to Lyme’s.  I said MENTALLY above when talking about food, because that is where it all lies for me.

Last night for dinner I had popcorn and a bowl of blueberries and strawberries. THAT is the Me I want to be.  When I think right, I make right choices.

I have read a few books in the last year that are worth mentioning for anyone dealing with, really, an addiction of any kind.  I have read books that are written for alcoholics and found so much truth in those pages for me in regard to food. So here are some recent recommendations specifically for the addiction side of eating disorders:

Getting to NO; How to Break a Stubborn Habit, by Erwin Lutzer.    EXCELLENT

Image result for Getting to No                                           Image result for addiction a banquet in the grave

Addiction: A Banquet in the Grave; Finding Hope in the Power of the Gospel, by Edward T. Welch    Equally excellent but deals most with drug and alcohol addiction.

Never Binge Again, by Glenn Livingston

Image result for never binge again book                                     Image result for breaking the stronghold of food

Breaking the Stronghold of Food, Michael L. Brown

Full, Asheritah Ciuciu

Image result for Full, Asheritah                              Image result for The Hunger Fix

The Hunger Fix, Pam Peeke

These are the most recent.  I am a reader, for sure.  I always have a fiction book (or two) going, a self-help kind of book going, a Christian Living book going and sometimes a biography (or two). People always ask if I get confused. NEVER.  I think I have a very compartmentalized brain, which is the worst brain to have when it comes to overcoming addictions.

I will most likely read the first couple chapters of any book someone recommends, but if it hasn’t drawn me in by then, I will put it aside. I only keep books that were super impactful. I sometimes regret that, but I have journals of book notes. Sentences from books I want to remember.  Then I can donate the book itself or return it to the library.

Image result for bookshelves full of books

Kindle Reader and my future Tiny House hopes keep me from this pictured mess. I used to have every book I had every read on shelves everywhere until I got bitten by the minimalist bug. I love electronic fiction books, and teaching myself to keep journals of book highlights has also allowed me to start loving electronic books of all kinds!! But I cannot do audio books that are non-fiction.  I tried and it was a constant stopping of the recording to take notes on my phone’s notepad.  Too hard. Audio books are relegated to the fiction genre only!

Until next time,




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