The Waiting


Today is Day One of Discovery. Today is the day of Little Lovely’s first procedure, an endoscopy. I am sitting in the waiting room. She has been taken back.

But yesterday afternoon, God’s first provision of information may have arrived a bit ahead of time. I was introduced to the FODMAP diet. I have heard of it before but had not paid much attention.

This time it was almost as if it came with a tag: To You, from God. Pay attention this time. I spent some hours researching it and getting familiar. And I prayed, because often my “crazy ideas” aren’t received happily by Little Lovely! But I knew if God was behind this gift, they would be!

So now we are both fully on board with the idea. Last night Little Lovely went from, “any food plan that doesn’t let me eat avocado sucks” to “I can still eat banana nice cream if we use firmer bananas.” I consider that a win! I plan to eliminate the things she cannot enjoy when in her presence to show support!

So as the procedure gets underway I am truly praying for greater revelation by an Almighty God who knows. I want Him to bless us with the knowledge we can deal with at this current time! And maybe that is only the FODMAP plan. Maybe more.

My eating is not as raw as I want it to be, but every time it slides I rein it in and move forward again. A call to greater obedience keeps coming in the oddest of places, but as I agree to obey, He is faithful!!

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