It’s June!!!! And National Donut Day?

It was impossible not to know today was National Donut Day.  I am happy to say that nothing I was involved in today made a big deal of donuts.  And I am glad, because I like donuts a lot; but they are not on my list of approved food, for sure.  Not raw. Not devoid of sugar. Not good for me.  And OH SO ADDICTIVE.

Sugar is my drug of choice. I have to avoid it 100% because even a little is too much.  So I saw National Donut Day for what it was.  And every time someone posted a picture of donut eating, I got a combination of sad and mad.  Weird, right?  I have found myself mad often about people not taking the time to feed their children properly? That seems to be a new soap box for me.  I am the co-teacher of a 4th and 5th grade Sunday School class, and we provide a snack each week that meshes with our story. The other teacher in the class gives the kids so much junk food on her weeks to teach, and I have determined to make my snacks nutritious?  A small thing, I know, but it makes me feel less mad and more sad.

So today marks the first day of a hard start to Rawsome Summer.  The last weeks have been a bit relaxed, searching out what works best. I have learned a lot of  things about eating raw.  Do’s and dont’s.

First, the most scary spot to be is “too hungry” and I am working on specific solutions to that. “Too hungry” makes my brain shut down, and all my choices are then made in a place of cravings and stupidity, as if I have no knowledge about what is good for me?  I have to keep myself satiated.

Sometimes, thoughts of food come around and all fruit makes me say, “No.”  But when I eat fruit, it immediately makes me happy.  So I just have to have a habit of having fruit in my possession and eating it, even if it doesn’t sound like it will be good.

For the last weeks, I have remembered the farmers market after it passed.  Haha, but I do want to make that a regular part of the week. Maybe I will go and not find anything organic that I want to buy, but until I go, I won’t know? The “me I want to be” shops at farmer’s markets, but farmer’s markets that sell organic food. I have one on Tuesday and one on Saturday that I can shop at. I am such a cashless person, so first I have to get cash.  Not as easy as I would like, but I need to go at least once.

In the last weeks, I have allowed certain cooked food as a vessel for raw food; mostly bread products that will be topped with raw veggies. My goal is to have every day be more than 80% raw. I feel like 95% of the past few weeks I have met that goal. If I accepted an invitation from a friend to go out for a meal, I made the best choices I could.

But eating out has been curbed into almost nonexistence.  So that’s good.  Restaurants are the hardest place for me to make good choices.  So often, I look at menus online and decide exactly what to order, and then when that moment arrives, I just “forget” and order the other things I had determined were bad. Sigh.

So into the heart of the summer we go,  with no turning back and no waffling and no indecision.  I am now going to start looking at health, alleviation of symptoms, and all things good.

One thing I am doing is being faithful with supplements.  I often get them but then stop taking them way sooner that I should.  Natural supplements take longer to build up and make a difference.  So Little Lovely did some research on what is good for Lyme’s and I am starting on some things.  I am going to eliminate the kefir for now since it isn’t raw and it is dairy. And yes I know that most components of dairy are gone, but it isn’t raw and it is an expense I can do without.


New budget month started today as well, so the Shopping Ban is in full swing now.  But honestly I have been practicing for a week or so and I like life so much better when nothing new comes into the house.

I blessed someone I love a lot today with some shopping money. That is how I want to spend money.

God is teaching me so much and I am excited for this summer to progress.  I am praying for a job solution, seeking out health solutions; it’s a summer of solutions!!  A summer of fixes.

My goal is to post here more often as an official diary of Rawsome Summer 2018. I want to take pics of food more often and share the simplicity of simple raw food, with an occasional masterpiece thrown in!!

Enjoy your weekend!


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