Comments on “The Gift”


As hard as it is for me to move on and leave something undone, I am thinking that the cleanse is just not so great? To begin with, the taste is just really bad, even when I add bananas and other fruit to help it out?  I feel like I am not overly picky about taste, but this is just a little beyond my OK-ness.  Plus, I keep circling the idea that it isn’t raw. And thus, doesn’t belong in Rawsome Summer!!

There are a handful of supplements that go along with the actual cleanse drink, and while they are not bad, they are not noticeably doing anything?  So as hard as it will be I think I am going to dump it all?

I honestly would totally recommend the Young Living Cleanse over this one, hands down.

As June 1 approaches, I will be tightening my commitment to the 100% raw once again.  This seems to be a never-ending drift for me. As soon as I get settled and content, the drift begins? No matter how I feel in the good place, the drift knocks me down and causes a struggle.  Oh, man, this is just like my walk with Jesus.  It can get to such a precious level, and then I allow a slow drift to begin.  The slow drift is SIN, which jumps in with great delight to make every effort to reclaim my mind back from its renewal.  So then, the circle is set in motions; the circle of complete devotion to partial devotion at best.

I am reminded of the era of the Judges in Israel’s history.  It was a constant drift for them as well.  The Israelites began the process by switching their worship from God to something else.  This would provoke the Lord to anger and he would hand them over to their enemies.  Eventually, when their oppression had just about gotten the best of them, the Israelites would cry out to the Lord and He would rescue them by sending a judge to cleanup their messes. And He did this over and over and over.  For a total of 325-350 years, 15 judges came to the rescue of idolatrous Israel. Beginning with Othniel and ending with Samuel, God sent each of these judges to rescue Israel after their drift ended them in near ruin.

So how can I weave this story into modern day Western, PA and the life of little ol’ me. Well, I know that no longer does the Lord hold his anger over me. The blood of Jesus prevents that.  Now, it’s sorrow that I provoke the Lord to.  Maybe? Or could it be that this is the path He has put before me, with all its successes and failures as they are so that I can learn what He needs me to learn?  If that is the scenario, then he isn’t necessarily sorrowful, because He knows it all ahead of time. Hm, interesting.

So He sees my slow fade…well really he knew it was coming ahead of time…and knows where it leads and has a plan to work it for my good and His glory.  So it seems as if the modern day Judge is Jesus. His once-for-all sacrifice makes Him the ultimate judge for sure.  But there needs to be that moment of crying out.  That moment of confession and repentance and a turning away.

Why is that so hard? Because pride is so deeply rooted in the soul and humility is so lacking. My sin is so ugly to me that laying it out before the Lord is the most painful thing imaginable.

Remember, obedience is the name of the game. Not what I eat or when I eat.  But that it glorifies God and sticks with His plan.  So with my addictive tendencies, one thing that matters is how much. And that I am eating what God created to be eaten.  See, THAT is the truth He has been impressing on my heart.  If I eat what He made to be eaten, there will be victory.

So obedience.  Obedience.  Oh, how I wish it were as easy as typing the word.


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