An Unexpected Gift?


I am using this stack of pretty gifts from Real Simple magazine to represent a gift I was given.  It wasn’t something that was bought with me in mind. It isn’t new and unused. It was more of a very expensive, “I bought this and couldn’t use it, so I thought maybe you could” gift.

img_8946So here’s what it is. Standard Process is a master in clean cleanses.  They design this one to be a 21 day cleanse, but I have determined that mine might be more like 5 days.  The easiest bottle to determine how much is there is the Whole Foods Fiber. Countable capsules. I will need 147 for five days.  That is how many that are still in the bottle! My friend used three.  She is a very sensitive person to foods and additives, and the cleanse just wasn’t for her. I am going to assume there is 5 days of everything else too?

So it is kind of a hit or miss in the dark thing, but it is too good to pass up, right?  Probably will not continue beyond whatever supplies I have, as it is not raw, and it is pricey? But it is worth doing for however long it lasts.

I think I am going to start tomorrow.  Just jump right in with both feet!

I love the kefir I have been making, but I think when my current milk is gone I am going to retire it for awhile?  I will keep the seeds in the refrigerator in milk, but I don’t plan to keep making it for now. It is dairy-based, not raw and I can live without the calories. I will reconsider at the end of August about whether or not to add it back on some basis.

For now, I am going to continue with taking the Truvani Turmeric Supplements as Golden Milk.  One of the things I like about mixing it up into the warm drink is that it is a great substitute for ‘morning’ coffee. I feel better with ‘afternoon’ coffee.

Raw eating has been going so well.  And while I am not doing it perfectly, I am doing so much better than ever in the past. And every day, I have the drive to do better than the day before.

Image result for discerning the voice of god

It feels good to be walking in the path God has put before me.  While I spend time being sad that I seem to not be hearing from Him, I am learning that until I do, He has given me things to walk in.  Discerning the Voice of God has taught me so much about the mechanics of hearing from God:

Proactive Obedience is a must; not just a partial obedience but a full obedience.  A purposeful obedience, not necessarily a perfect one.

Make a plan to do God’s bidding.  Be resolved. Make a plan to have a lifestyle of obedience. What God says, DO. Be willing to pay the cost of getting to His best. “The only appropriate answer when we hear God speaking is, ‘Yes Lord.” I love that quote from Priscilla Shirer.

I learned to say, “God, I give you full permission to tell me when I have eaten enough.” This is truly the posture of obedience I need to have.  It is hard to remember it is more about how and how much I eat than what and when. The Holy Spirit must be my best friend and the one I go to for everything.  He wants to be discovered. He wants me to discover His will, so He isn’t going to hide it from me, right?

So when you talk about hearing Jesus, what you really want is for the Spirit inside you to rise up and be heard. And your conscience is the God-created method of amplifying the Spirit’s voice in your soul.

A system of checks and balances that Priscilla puts forth in the study are “The 5 Ms of Correctly Hearing God”:

  1. LOOK FOR THE SPIRIT’S MESSAGE. This means intentionally listening. Discernment takes patience and practice.
  2. LIVE IN PRAYER MODE. When you think you hear from God, submit it back to Him for confirmation.
  3. SEARCH SCRIPTURE. What you think you hear from God will never go against what He has already put forth in His Word.
  4. SEEK WISE COUNSEL. Once you have solidified what God is saying, ask a wise believer to confirm it for you.
  5. THE MERCY OF CONFORMATION. This is what Priscilla calls the process God will use to make you sure of what you have heard. Sometimes it is through His word, maybe an illuminated passage; sometimes it may be through circumstances; a person.

Be persistent. Stay in His Word. Keep your eyes open for His supernatural peace. Yield. Submit. Surrender. It has to be an all or nothing.

So “the ME I want to be”  is a person who puts the voice of God above all other voices.


Here I stand on Day One of the Shopping Ban. A few things came at me…one thing being a book. It was a touch painful to not order it, but I am so good with self-imposed rules sometimes that it is scary! What it shows me though is that once I make the necessary choice, a bit after, it feels so freeing. I need to remember that in the hard places.

So I have a weekend stretched out before me that is pretty empty. A holiday weekend.  Little Lovely is babysitting all weekend for a church family that needed her.  So I am alone.  Not my favorite thing to be, but I am kind of looking forward to quiet and time.  I haven’t had the chance to “art” much lately nor dig into that new journal Bible I got.  Eeeek, so excited to start that.  I am moving forward with the idea of a legacy Bible. I have a huge bin full of stuff to use in this Bible Legacy project, and I cannot wait to start!!

I think there is an innate power in the different ways we can interact with God’s Word. And I do not want to let that power escape me?  So along with my other things that I do each day to interact with the Lord and His Word, I am going to keep just one verse before me for the day. It will be hard at first, because I need to create a habit. But I think it will be worth it, because so often I figure things out with time. I am gonna try that tomorrow with the Inspire Bible! My first project!!

Have a great Holiday weekend! Do some relaxing!


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