Title Help Needed, Please.

I am coming in with this opening edit because I found out the art work I used was done by an Instagram artist whose page is called Millabilityart. I found it somewhere else, and there was no credit to the artist at that site! Now that I know, I wanna make sure I give credit!!

I start my blogging time by sitting at my desk with the blank page open, trying to find a title. I know that is backwards, right?  But the one time I decided to write first and title later, I forgot and posted it untitled.  Not the end of the world, I know, but it drove me crazy!!

I am currently watching the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference and am attempting to watch like 8 half hour videos while I do a lot of other things today. Could be interesting; could be harsh.  I LOVE the idea of Bible journaling, but I haven’t dived in yet.  I have tried a couple times, but when something doesn’t turn out the way I had envisioned it, my discouragement overwhelms me.  I think this might be a sin attitude I have?  If I go to my Bible to journal and worship God with my creativity, then being discouraged and negative is sin, right?

But the legacy idea has finally resonated with my soul, and I am going to move forward.  How cool to leave behind these crafted Bibles to inspire another person?  I think of unsaved loved ones. If there is any way that something like that could draw them to Jesus, then why didn’t I start years ago?? So I am about to order a Bible.  I have searched through so many options, and for the first attempt at creating something that will be a legacy, I have picked the Inspire Praise Bible. There is this purple hardcover, which is what I bought.  Don’t you love the edges!!  There is also a softcover  that has a butterfly design on the cover; but I wanted a hardcover.  Once it arrives and I crack the pages, I will share more.

Image result for inspire praise bible

Rawsome Summer is going well, and I was just made aware this morning through something I was reading that as I progress with all raw or mostly raw, there will be detox issues that arise. And currently, I feel like things that are not quite right are abundant?  You have to know me to know that when things go awry, my first response is,”Oh that must be Lyme’s related.”  It might not be, but I just attribute it to that and move on.

The last few days have seen a recurrence of some vertigo issues I was having a bit ago. Weirdness.

I have been headachy, which is a very normal detox symptom.  Tired. Cold.  But again, none of that makes me think twice.

Yesterday’s diet included limited diversity:  many apples for breakfast;

Image result for apples

a smoothie for lunch and a salsa-like bowl for dinner.  This salsa contained an orange pepper, which I used to determine the amounts for the other ingredients.  I measured my piles of strawberry pieces, raw corn kernels cut from the cob….

Image result for black beans corn tomatoes avocado…and cut cherry tomatoes by the pile of orange pepper, trying to make them equal.  I cut up red onion and avocado for on the side.  Little Lovely doesn’t like red onion (horrors) and adding avocado in directly makes it hard to save to the next day. This entire huge bowl, including all the red onion and avocado, was 1000 calories.  I ate 1/4 of it last night rolled in romaine leaves (250 calories) and then 1/4 this morning for breakfast (don’t judge) with some super thin tortilla chips.

The super thin chips were not the best vehicle for getting salsa into me, however.  Too thin!  I ended up grabbing a spoon!

Related image

Today’s later food: an entire cantaloupe cut into chunks was what I ate through the 10am to 2pm time frame.  Except now it is 4pm and I am still not hungry?  The entire cantaloupe had a little under 400 calories.

Because my history includes food addiction and binge eating, I have to forever have calories in sight. When you eat 100% raw, if you are the kind of person who is good at self-regulating your food, there is no need at all to even think about calories.  Eating all raw will encourage your body to reset everything that has gotten wonky and get you back to the body God created you to have.  My daughter, who is not 100% raw but close has already seen a disappearance of teen acne (she is 18).

I mentioned in an early blog that I have marks on my face that I am hoping to see fade away as the summer progresses.  But I decided I needed a  care regiment on top of raw eating. Well, in all honesty, that 18 year old daughter did massive “encouraging” that pushed me there!  So each night and each morning I am washing my face with Dr Bronner’s soap, patting it dry and applying a generous amount of coconut oil.  Twice a day.  I will keep ya posted on any change?!

Related image

I also returned to oil pulling, which I did years ago very faithfully. So simple: just ‘eat’ one tablespoon of coconut oil, holding it in your mouth as it softens, and eventually moving it around in your mouth for as a long as you can.  I can do it for 30 minutes with no problem.  Little Lovely can only do like 10 minutes, as the oil makes her want to gag??  But as she perseveres it gets longer.

I have sort of started thinking of my summer as a “create and think” summer. I am creating food, creating lettered artwork, creating new brain pathways for better habits, creating a simpler living space, creating memories. The Lord is asking me to think through a lot of things as the Rawsome Summer progresses: job choice for Fall, ministry ideas that might flow out of Rawsome Summer and the months that follow. Because I know well the misery that comes from a life of gluttony, disobedience, idolatry to food, and entering older age overweight and in constant pain, I am seeing a passion form in me to help others avoid this.  I have always believed that I have to get out on the other side of a life blotted with failure before I might have anything worthwhile to teach anyone?  But God has begun to show me the fallacy in that thinking.  So I am thinking through that whole concept for awhile.

I have learned that my life is not in little cubes independent of each other.  I would need a minimalist cube, a raw eating cube, a Bible journaling cube, an obedience cube, a tiny house cube and many more. There are universal cubes that many people have: a mother cube, a daughter cube, etc.

Image result for cubes

But instead I have just recently started to push all these cubes together into a formed piece of art, a piece that is super simple and juvenile for now…

Image result for cubes

…but one day I hope to have a life that looks more like a masterpiece than it currently does. There will be overlap and stand-alones; seasonal things that might come and then go. But the me that God is creating me to be as I enter into this older stage of life needs to finally push aside the sinful habits I have clung to and embrace things He is putting on my heart.
Image result for art out of cubes

Some of these things I have had impressed on my heart years ago and never taken seriously.  Well, it is time to get serious.  Satan was shouting in my head not long ago, “You are way to old to consider all these changes.” But I have had to push that down and accept that maybe I will have just a short time to live out the Me once I get there, but that has to be OK, since it was the Me I no longer want to embrace that wasted away the time that has passed.

Oh my, that is enough for today. Join me in re-creating yourself to be as God made you to be.  I am so close to the big 6-0 that I hyperventilate when I think that thought, but if I can get healthy and mission-minded, the last years I am blessed with can be the best, right?!

Enjoy your weekend!


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