Baby Stages


Don’t ya love that pic? A friend of mine operates an Air B&B in Traveler’s Rest, SC called Cycler’s Rest. Her instagram feed is so beautiful and contains lots of pics like the one above, and better!!  If you ever need a place to stay in that area, check it out!  (cyclersrest@instagram)

My raw summer is truly in the baby stages. Two days in.  Today I made such a yummy lunch.  Two slices of toasted bread held cuc slices, pepper strips, carrot shreds, tomatoes, and the favored avocado!  Since I was making two, I could use half of the avocado on each and not overdo the fatty delicacy!! I smashed some of the avocado to use as spread on the bread to hold other things in place a bit.  So, the eating was not overly messy and the flavor was to the max.  I wanted some red onion, but none to be found in the refrig.

Image result for raw veggie sandwich

I made it all the way to 2:30 pm with just eating a bowl of watermelon. Then  this sandwich.  Watermelon is probably my favorite fruit when it is properly ripened.  This one was actually a bit over ripe, but I was able to cut away the soft part; the rest was fine. To me, it is very filling.

Image result for bowl of watermelon

I am eating dinner with a friend at a place that I know has yummy fresh and raw salads. They are not huge, but I have asked them to double the amount before, and they did.  But they didn’t totally double the price, which I appreciated.

I think the lazy days of summer have begun at work.  The amount to accomplish each time I go in is much less.  I am spending the summer thinking about what I want the fall to look like.  At work.  At home. For my free time.  The work I am doing is just not what I think I am supposed to be doing?  It is not rewarding at all.  It is physically super-hard a lot of the time. So that is one of my prayer pillars for the summer.  Along with the motivation to follow what I believe God is calling me toward: better health, minimal living and eventually work from home that I can live off?  That is a lot of prayers.  But I know God desires to reveal to me what He wants me to do and be, so I have no doubt that if I pray faithfully and continue to pursue what I believe He is indicating, He will give me peace if it is correct and inner turmoil if it is not.

I have not talked a lot on this blog yet about the chronic illness I deal with, but it might be time to mention some things concerning that, as I am hoping that raw eating, losing weight and getting fitter will see a decrease in symptoms.  I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease about a year ago, and while a lot of people have symptoms so much worse than mine, it is a royal pain in the neck!! It can settle in so many ways, and I remember a friend who was on a similar path to mine just saying to count every little thing that “went wrong” with your health as being Lyme’s related.  In the beginning that was a bit overwhelming to consider, but as time has progressed, believe it or not, there is comfort in it.  So for a couple days I was having this weird vertigo issue.  Used silver drops in my ears and took silver orally, and it went away.  Was it an inner ear issue or a Lyme’s issue.  Who knows, but the fear of, “Oh my gosh what is causing this vertigo” just never arose, because I just trusted it was Lyme’s related. Some days, the arthritis-like pain and the fibromyalgia-like pain threatens to push me down, but again, I just repeat the phrase, “I have Lyme’s and I can live with that.”

My entire house is de-cluttered at this point and the garage is calling my name, but I am not able to get out there for a couple days. It is funny how the task beckons once you are fully immersed!  It is hard to get started but then it flows well.  I do have a few containers in the laundry room (CLOSET) that I am going to relocate to the garage in a different form once it is cleaned.  That will help the laundry area to at least appear less crowded.

This area where I live-I truly love it here, but I feel like we have the wonkiest seasons of anywhere you could live.  I am sure that isn’t true but it always feels that way NOW, when spring is giving way to summer. Well, what I should say is that summer rears its incredibly UGLY head and just boots spring off the planet after just a few days. We go from winter (my personal fav) to summer heat with very little time in between.  But I am a fan of summer storms, which have been happening often lately, so I will be content with that. Thunder.  Lightning. For some reason that calms my spirit.  I think it is because they are such pictures of God and the power He contains within Himself. As the sky darkens with clouds full-to-bursting, there is a calm that comes with that for me.

I never claimed to not be weird, just so you know.

Enjoy the rest of the day.  I am excited to go to Bible study tonight where we continue to dive into Priscilla Shirer’s Discerning the Voice of God book.





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