The Slow Fade

I can already tell that Banana Island is starting to give way to Rawsome Summer.  It is happening slowly.  Hardly noticeable.  Kind of funny.  Each day I become a little less opposed to adding additional raw fruits and salad items.  Because, ya know what?  Bananas have started to become a bit boring.  But they are serving the purpose the island was intended to serve for me.  It has totally removed food thoughts from my head. And that is so freeing.

I have my golden milk and kefir first thing in the morning,  I make a smoothie for the rest of the morning.  I have nice cream eventually later in the day.  But a salad sneaked in yesterday as the need to chew was strong. Today, mangoes were on sale and I stocked up.  I have a watermelon calling my name! And a cantaloupe. And grapes.

I plan to remain a bit banana heavy even when the transfer from Banana Island is officially made on Monday, so I have to laugh when I try to differentiate between the two at this point.  I want to keep this nonchalance about food.  I want to keep this determination to be raw. I have averaged a rawness of 95% on any given day since Banana Island began.

I believe my favorite way to eat bananas has become bananas chips.  I have never liked the store-bought dried bananas, but homemade dehydrated bananas are absolutely wonderful! I have been filling all four trays of my dehydrator every day.

Image result for exca;iur four drawed dehydrator with bananas

If you want your banana chips to stay raw, all their nutrients intact, you have to dehydrate in a machine that has a thermostat. Excalibur Dehydrators have that feature.  They come in many sizes, but I just have the smallest four drawer model.  Living foods cannot be heated above 110 degrees or they begin to die. I set my dehydrator at 109 degrees.

Minimalist game update:  did significant cleaning out today! Completed days 23 and 24, mostly from the kitchen; a little from two under-bed storage bins I had forgotten about until I needed to get out summer pajamas.

So what is left?  I live in a very small house. Less than 900 square feet. I consider it my third step down toward tiny house living.  I moved to this area and started in an absolutely HUMUNGOUS house because I could not find anything else.  A couple years later, I moved into a house about half that size.  4 years later, I moved here.  Every time I moved, I shed so much stuff.  God has been teaching me to not value stuff very much.  So, left?  Bathroom storage, hall closet, laundry room and garage.  The garage contains a LOT of unneeded stuff.  That will feel good.

I had the habit to shop.  It is a habit I am breaking. And unlike my eating bad habits, I have pretty much conquered it.  The last time I played the Minimalist Game I purposely kept some things with the idea that if I had not used it in a year or so, it was time to shed it. I have two areas that catch me up still: books and journals.  I would like to not buy anymore books until I finish reading everything I have that is unread. Then I can get rid of the newly read books that aren’t keepers and replace them. I never buy fiction books, by the way. Those are library items, and honestly, I rarely have time. I do keep a library-rented fiction book going on the DVD player in my car at all times.

Journals. I do not ever have to purchase another journal.  That is how many I have.  Enough said.

Next post, I want to mull over the shopping ban.  When it officially begins, game plan, rules, etc.

So, not a lot of food pics. I wish I was that creative.  Lately I have been using the phrase/concept very often: What am I moving toward?  Who do I want me to be?  I want me to be involved in a slow-paced enough life that doing things like staging food for pics will be a pleasure.  Right now it is not.

Have a great end of your Hump Day!!

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