Banana Island Continues


The island is a great place. I am eating bananas and bananas and bananas.  Frozen ones, dehydrated ones, smoothie(d) ones.  But the biggest thing to report:  I am not at all hungry, yet I feel like I am eating very little?

Yesterday I had family over for lunch, so along with dessert of Nice Cream and toppings, we had a huge salad bar.  It was fun to introduce my oldest daughter and my grandson to nice cream.  As a 2 year old, he never gets his own bowl of ice cream when they have it.  Portion control of the sweets, you know.  But with the nice cream we gave him his own very little bowl full, and he ate every bite, while continuously stating, “I have my own bowl.”

To go with our salads, I made guacamole-filled portobello caps.  Oh my goodness.  So good!img_8786

Sometimes I make them with just plain avocado, but adding some additional guac ingredients stretches it further.  For the large mushrooms, you need an avocado each.

First, remove the gills and the stem.  Wash well. Simply fill the indentation with either guac or plain avocado.  Slice either pie-like or just straight across all the way down.  It also tastes yummy to drizzle some balsamic vinegar and avocado oil on it…just a very small amount, mostly to flavor the mushroom itself.

The salad, filled mushroom, nice cream meal in the mid afternoon was the only meal I had apart from the morning routine of golden milk and kefir.

Today is Sunday, so the morning was spent at church.  Then I had leftover salad, cuz I hate to waste food.  This evening I made a large bowl of nice cream, topped with fresh pineapple. I froze the rest of the pineapple; I froze a couple dozen bananas; I put 4 more trays of bananas in the dehydrator.

Minimalist Game Update

Sunday is a peaceful day for me.  After church, my sole plan is to relax at home.  And since de-junking is somehow oddly relaxing, that is what I did all afternoon. I tackled my room.  And two kitchen drawers on the tail end, because I pulled out one of them too far and it lost all its contents on the floor (hahaha); and the one beside it, which was equally in need.

I am not listing 100+ items for you, but just know that I accomplished days 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22. And a decent part of Day 23.  Clothes, shoes, notebooks, craft supplies, more pens (oh, man), hair stuff.  It is all bagged and ready to go to someone who wants it, the thrift store or the trash.

Tomorrow I plan to hit the front closet and shed some tote bags.  Who needs this many bags? Plus more bags in the trunk for groceries? And maybe a whole bowl of cat toys needs to go because they don’t ever play with anything but these two “mice”, which are in sorry shape and need replaced. And games that we rarely play.  There are some favs tho that must stay: Phase 10, Yahtzee, Life and Monopoly (I soooo dislike these two games, but Little Lovely seems to suggest getting them out a lot).

Oh, and the laundry room.  I will have to take a pic of my laundry room.  “Room” is a total misnomer.  Even “closet” is too much name for this space. It contains a hot water heater, a washer and a dryer, but if it had the stacking washer and dryer, even then there wouldn’t be ample room.  To stand in front of the washer, your back is tight against the hot water heater. The area to be de-junked is the shelf above the washer and dryer.  Flat surface. You know, stuff just gets put there.

So closet and laundry “area” is next, although I cannot say tomorrow for sure. I will work in the morning, and then my afternoon might be scheduled to some extent by Little lovely.  Just depends.

Until next time,



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